Controversial Book Blows Lid Off Romney’s “Soft Secrecy” Campaign

Mitt RomneyControversial Book Blows Lid Off Romney’s “Soft Secrecy” Campaign

Revelation Press’s New Book Fans the Flames Ignited by Sunday’s New York Times Article: “What Is It About Mormonism?”

Washington DC, (RUSHPRNEWS) January 8, 2008:  On Sunday, the New York Times Magazine published Noah Feldman’s hard-hitting article that tore back the curtains on what Feldman calls the “Soft Secrecy” that has shrouded the Mormon Church for more than 50 years.  This soft secrecy has let the Mormon Church appear to assimilate into mainstream Christianity while preserving their own secret, controversial beliefs, secrecy that protects Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney’s Presidential campaign.

By publishing this revealing expose of Mormon beliefs and the Mormon’s organized secrecy, (  Feldman – a contributing New York Times writer, a Harvard law professor and adjunct senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations – legitimized what the Mormons, and Romney, have long tried to stigmatize … the public exploration of the controversial tenets of the Mormon faith.

Among the key points that Feldman made is the struggle that the Mormon Church has made to assimilate into the American religious community without revealing to mainstream America their own beliefs.  As Feldman wrote:  “Faced with the allegation that they do not believe in the same God as ordinary Protestants, or that their beliefs are not truly Christian, Mormons find themselves in an extraordinarily awkward position. They cannot defend themselves by expressly explaining their own theology, because, taken from the standpoint of orthodox Protestantism in America today, it is in fact heterodox.

“What is more,” Feldman continued, “what began as a strategy of secrecy to avoid persecution has become over the course of the 20th century a strategy of minimizing discussion of the content of theology in order to avoid being treated as religious pariahs.”

“This well-reported and strongly-substantiated article has paved the way for the release of my own book, ‘Mitt – Set Our People Free!’ (,” according to author Michael D. Moody who, like his college fraternity brother and Mormon Bishop Mitt Romney, is a seventh-generation Mormon. “The very beliefs Noah Feldman illustrated – especially their sacred Mormon oaths – are in conflict with the Presidential oath of office.  Mitt Romney swore these oaths when he assumed the mantle of Mormon Bishop, pledging him to follow unquestioningly the revelations of their Mormon President and “Living Prophet.” They believe he talks directly with Jesus Christ, who commands His followers through this Prophet.

“Should Romney become U.S. President,” Moody explained, “his oaths create an inevitable conflict of interest.  Just as an Army private is not free to question his General’s orders – and does so only at the risk of a dishonorable discharge – Mormons such as Mitt Romney question their Living Prophet’s revelations and edicts only at risk of excommunication. This penalty is unthinkable to any faithful Mormon – and in Romney’s December 6th speech, he swore to remain faithful to his religion.

“As Noah Feldman pointed out,” Moody pointed out, “since the days of founding Prophet Joseph Smith, Mormons have held their secrets close – including their ‘White Horse Prophecy:’ one day a Mormon leader will literally ride in to save the U.S. Constitution – and to transform America into the base for the  institution of a world-wide Mormon theocracy.  Since his college days, when I was Mitt’s fraternity brother at Brigham Young University,” Moody said, “Mitt’s made it clear to his intimates that he was pre-ordained to fulfill this prophecy, to become the Mormon President who would save our Constitution and transform America as Joseph Smith prophesied.

“Romney’s sworn commitment to the Living Prophet,” Moody said, “as well as his adherence to the belief that he was the leader chosen to transform America, is why Mitt Romney – while a skilled leader and very likable man – finds himself in a conflict he can’t resolve.  His sacred Mormon oaths both precede and supersede the President’s oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution.  Given that choice, any faithful Mormon would have to put his family and his Church first, which is something that no U.S. President can afford to do,” Moody concluded.

The release of Moody’s book, “Mitt – Set Our People Free!,” which followed so closely on Noah Feldman’s landmark New York Times article, has legitimized America’s first close political look behind the hazy curtain of what Feldman called the Mormon’s half-century of “soft secrecy” that has hidden details of their beliefs even as they have inserted themselves into the American religious mainstream.  Moody’s controversial book closes the loop on Romney’s dilemma.

Moody’s book, “Mitt – Set Our People Free!,” (ISBN 978-0-615-18560-6) is available at  later this week on, and can be ordered through all major retail bookstores.

Media only:  Mike Moody, a former TV broadcaster, is available for guest appearances and interviews– contact Daryl Toor:  404-483-8222 or or Ned Barnett: 702-696 -1200 or

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