Clintons McCain’s Best Spokespersons

Black Star News publisher believes the Clintons are McCain’s best spokespersons
By Milton Allimadi

NEW YORK (RUSHPRNEWS) AUGUST 16, 2008–The Clintons are still on a politically suicidal mission. Hillary Clinton would be nowhere, politically speaking, had it not been for the support of Black voters and the Black community.

The African American community comforted the Clintons when they were driven into the wilderness following the Monica Lewinsky scandal. Yet, the Clintons have become enemies.

So Senator Barack Obama has some real major hurdles this election and Olympics season. He is running against three candidates: Bill Clinton; Hillary Clinton; and Senator John McCain.

If Hillary and her husband Bill Clinton undermine Senator Obama’s chances of defeating Senator John McCain through their Kamikaze attacks, they can kiss her political career goodbye. Black voters will remember their Machiavellian treachery four years from now.

The fact of the matter is despite her boasting of cornering the support of “white voters”…. “hard working white voters” no Democrat can win the White House without the support of the critical Black vote.

The Clintons risk a double-suicide pact. Not only would she kill her own chances of ever becoming president, she and her husband would also doom other Democrat’s future prospects. The Clintons’ cynical narcissism is of epic proportions. Both think they are God’s gift to the United States–and maybe to the world.

While claiming they will do everything to see that Obama is elected president the Clintons’ actions reveal their desired outcome. John McCain could never have a better friend.

Recently while traveling in Africa, Clinton was asked whether Obama was prepared to be president. The former president, who fled for sanctuary in the Black community of Harlem when media hounded him after the Lewinsky debacle, offered a response Democrats would expect from McCain-that one could make the argument that no one is ever prepared to be president.

Meanwhile, a videotape of Hillary Clinton emerged showing her basically encouraging her supporters to disrupt the upcoming Democratic Convention in Denver by venting their frustration. Yet, everyone knows that these supporters would not vent frustration about the destruction caused by George Bush’s incompetent presidency-they would cause havoc because Clinton was not tapped as the Democratic Party’s presidential candidate.

Voters haven’t forgotten that during the primaries Hillary Clinton said she and McCain were ready to be president-that they brought a “life times” experience while Obama offered a bunch of speeches.
This week, after former candidate John Edwards admitted to having an affair even as his wife suffers from terminal cancer, Clinton’s chief attack hound, the despicable Howard Wolfson claimed in an interview that Senator Clinton would have beat Obama had Edward’s affair been covered earlier by mainstream media. I have news for Wolfson – Clinton would have also beaten Senator Obama had Obama never been born.

Message to the Clintons-There is a reason why elections are held.
Second message to the Clintons – you play with fire; you burn your future political career.

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