Ciara Revealed On The Cover Of Vibe

Class, Take Out Your Magnifying Glasses
By Shelby Powell

LOS ANGELES, (RUSHPRNEWS) 09/10/2008–I’m sure plenty of people are now wondering how much Photoshop expertise it takes to airbrush a penis and some testicles from a photograph. I mean we have seen what photo manipulation software can do. Just ask Rick Ross. But do you think she really did this just to dispel the tranny rumors in the wake of her latest release? You have to look no further than the naked lady for the answer.

Ciara on the cover of Vibe“I was meticulous about the things I would share, but people are gonna say what they wanna say…they said I was a man!” she laughed. “It doesn’t get any worse than that” says Ciara to MTV about the rumor.

Now of course devils advocate dictates that I mention this quote, nor these pictures, provide concrete proof that she’s not packing wood. But in my humble opinion, if she was, we would know by now. Let’s take a look at this from a scientific standpoint shall we?

First up…her relationship with Bow Wow. Now I’m not sure if any of you know this, but Bow Wow recently released a freestyle with some guy named Khleo (yes, a guy named Khleo) over the track from Ciara’s “Promise” suggesting that Ciara was a one night stand. If I were Bow Wow, I would not have done that unless I was absolutely, positively sure that Ciara was a female. Think about it. You lie and say you sexed someone to make you look good and them look bad. Then two years later, this person says to the press, “Oh by the way. I’m a tranny.” The first thought on minds across the country will be your claim that you hit it. Consider yourself ethered (yes homo).

 Also, she had to get the full once over from someone at that photo shoot. Yeah, she’s all strategic with the arms and thighs and lighting in the picture, but she had to come out of the robe and get posed somehow. Someone saw the goodies. And I don’t care how many secrecy clauses those folks signed. If she bent over and a Johnson popped out it would be on the evening news and some photographer would be suing her for assault.

Bottom line folks, we know Ciara is not a man. I’m sure that rumor was born of a really unattractive girl who sits alone all night in chat rooms with a Ciara AVI totally disgusted by the fact that if she posted her own picture, the chat club would have her internet provider revoke her service. Yeah, she’s sometimes a little overdone and carrying enough weave on top of that little body to make her neck want to secede from the union, but what R&B singer hasn’t been guilty of that before?
Personally, I think she looks great. And as far as the nudity is concerned, act like you’ve seen a pair and get over it. I guess the only problem I have with the cover is the pose reminds me of a girl I once knew who would always get drunk at outdoor events and piss in the bushes, but other than that I’m really not seeing what all the fuss is about.




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