Christie Brinkley Regains Freedom for $2.1 Mil

Christie BrinkleyChristie Brinkley Gives Up $2.1 Mil to Cook, who Allegedly had Teen Lover, Porn Addiction

Divorce settlement with Peter Cook costs Christie dearly, but she says it’s worth it to get rid of him

By Brian Frederick for Hollywood Today

NEW YORK, NY (RUSHPRNEWS) 7/11/08 – Christie Brinkley is giving up $2.1 million to her now ex-husband, though he was the one accused in proceedings of having, among many others a teenage lover and a $3,000 on month addiction to pornography.

Yet the sordid trial took its toll on Brinkley, previously married to Billy Joel and two others. “I’m really glad that today we found some peace,” said the former cover girl.

Christie Brinkley, 54, gets custody of their two children, daughter Sailor Lee, 10, and Jack, 13, whom Cook adopted. Jack is the son of Brinkley’s third husband. Peter Cook, 49, gets $2.1 million. ‘It’s everything I asked for,” said Cook.

Brinkley was confronted by the stepfather of 18 year-old Diana Bianchi in South Hampton in June of 2006; told her of her husband’s affair with his stepdaughter. Since then, Brinkley spoke openly in public against her husband’s extramarital activities. The hurt and pain has been obvious and Brinkley wanted to push her divorce into a public trial. Any testimony would be devastating for her husband, who has since paid off Bianchi $300,000 and given up his expensive internet porn habit.

“Anyone who would run the risk of destroying this wonderful life, anybody that would chase a teenager – I mean, a young girl – where is the judgment?” Brinkley said in court.

Although divorces are very ugly, sometimes the aggressive stance is best served in the end and Brinkley was smart to push the divorce to a public trial, even though it could hurt the children. Brinkley would surely win and unfortunately, the children are probably hurting already.

“I didn’t want this trail. It’s humiliating for all of us,” Brinkley said on the stand.

So just to be clear, did Peter Cook actually cheat on Christie Brinkley? Is he serious or is this a put on?

For a person to be so fortunate in life that you would actually cheat on your wife who just happens to be Christie Brinkley, is too not know how fortunate you are in life or shall we say were!

Good luck Christie, some people might think you are better off!

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