Chinese Oppression of 2008 Summer Olympics

BEIJING BOYCOTT COALITION NEW YORK (RUSHPRNEWS JULY 18, 2008- A boycott of this summer’s Olympic Games in Beijing, China is being called for. Steven W. Mosher, a well-known expert of China, has developed the “Beijing Boycott Coalition” to oppose the Olympics, stating that the games will only serve to legitimize a one-party dictatorship that has a deplorable human rights record.

“China is one of the worst violators of human rights in the world” he said. “Given the Chinese Communist Party bragging rights over the games makes a mockery of their meaning.”

The Coalition is asking activists and groups of different backgrounds to come protest ongoing human rights violations in China by not watching the games or support its sponsors.

“The Olympics is intended to be a celebration of the human spirit” Mosher continued. “But the spirit of the Chinese people, not to mention the spirit of the Tibetans and other minorities is being crushed under the weight of an oppressive regime. We should no more celebrate the Olympics in China in 2008, than we should have celebrated the Olympics in Nazi-controlled Berlin in 1938.”

Source: Christian Newswire – NewsBlaze, Daily News

By Garrett Godwin.  Garrett Godwin writes for NewsBlaze from Michigan.



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