Childhood Prodigies Release Music Video on Gaming ‘Addiction’

BlackOutBandChildhood Prodigies Release Music Video on Gaming ‘Addiction’McLean, VA (rushprnews) March 13, 2007 –In just six short weeks since its release the Black Out Band’s music video, “Video Games”, has been viewed more than 9,000 times from the band’s Web site at and other video sharing sites. Its footage was shot inside a historic theatre with 75 screaming adolescent fans.

Riding on the wave of the launch of Naked Brothers Band TV series, members of the Black Out Band, three 11-year-olds from McLean, Va., have turned their obsession with playing video games into a recording that has landed on iTunes, with a companion music video that can be seen at http:/

Lead singer and guitarist Hunter Watson, bassist Tug Hunter, and drummer Matthew Salutillo, formed The Black Out Band in 2005, and, according to their music coach and producer, Dennis Decreny, the boys played video games, “whenever I turned my head.” At his suggestion, the boys composed Video Games, words and music that tell their story. Lyrics to Video Games are on the band’s web site,

Their single, “Video Games”, elicits laughter and nods of recognition each time a new crowd hears it — from kids as well as their forty to fifty-something parents. This comic ballad mocks the stereotype of today’s youngsters as spoiled rotten video game addicts. The song was inspired by the continual tug-of-war between the boys’ gaming and their other responsibilities.

The video utilizes 75 screaming adolescent fans and was shot inside a historic theatre by a local production team that previously worked on several Byonce videos. In the six weeks since its release the video has already been viewed on the Internet more than 9,000 times from the band’s Web site and other video sharing sites.

Both parents and kids alike relate to the song’s portrayal of the obsessive gamer. It’s all clearly tongue-in-cheek and these hard working boys appear anything but spoiled. Indeed the song seems to provide a relief for parents who feel guilty about allowing their offspring to spend large amounts of time at the gaming controls. “I burst out laughing when I heard it,” said one Mom in the audience at Black Out’s first public performance of the song. “It was such a relief to know that other families are struggling with what the limits are. We still argue about it, but now we joke about it too.”

You can find the release of Video Games on iTunes, Napster and numerous music download services.

About the band:
Hunter, Matthew and Tug — when not making music or playing video games — are regular kids who hate homework, vegetables and waking up for school. They also love sports, movies, fast food and just about anything on wheels. They continue to play shows at Tug and Matthew’s school. They also plan to play a charity festival in March, a community festival in June, and are now set to make several appearances on radio talk shows. In addition, the band has begun writing songs for an upcoming, debut album and is currently working on three new songs that will reflect childhood influences in their lives. A special version of favorite cover songs will also be included. The CD is scheduled for release this summer.

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