Childhood Obesity Expert’s Going-Back-to-School Tips

Going back to school with FUNFITEnergize Your Kid’s School Year! Get your kids off to a healthy start! Tips and Advice from Celia Kibler, a Childhood Obesity Expert

WASHINGTON, D.C. (RUSHPRNEWS) August 18, 2008 – As a result of the growing problem with childhood obesity, parents are increasingly concerned with their kids eating and fitness’ habits during and after school hours.

Celia Kibler, a childhood obesity maverick and the founder of the Funfit nationwide programs, believes that a successful and healthy school year is as easy as, “good food, simple planning and allowing a kid to be a kid”.

Celia Kibler, who is often quoted by major news outlets as a resource on the subject of childhood obesity, is the founder of the Funfit programs. Her mission is to “trim America’s families, get the kids healthy and have fun while doing it.”

Good Food = Good Mood

Start your child’s day off with a healthy breakfast. Waking up your child’s brain, body and energy levels, results in children that are eager to learn and stay attentive during school.

Good food
Use whole foods for breakfast that sustain a child’s energy to the next meal.Examples: eggs, oatmeal, whole grain cereals, fruits, vegetables, meats
Resist offering sugary foods that will cause your child to crash soon after they’ve eaten.
Examples: donuts, waffles w/sugary syrups, breakfast bars that contain too much sugar, high sugar cereals

Shop with your child

Produce markets. A fun place to take kids to choose fruits, vegetables and nuts for healthy meals & snacks.
pping is more fun and educational when kids come along.
1. Teach your children how to read food labels & what they mean, encourages reading and thought in meal planning & shopping2. Examples: Think of creative ways to make your meals fun for kids. Make your own combo meals like pizzas, tacos & burritos, using a variety of healthy toppings and whole grain dough & tortillas.3.

Word to the wise: Don’t go food shopping hungry. Time to play = A great school day!

1. After-school playtimea. When your child comes home from school leave an hour right away for them to enjoy a healthy snack and burn energy & relieve stress through active play.

b. Kids need to be kids. Running around the yard, playing games together like catch, tag, chasing, basketballc.

Register your child for an active games class or sport that takes place right after schoold.

Schedule homework AFTER playtime.

1. Kids need to burn energy after school, not do more work

2. Kids need to relieve the stress from the day, not add on more

3. Reenergize your kids through play and they will be ready to study & complete homework

Celia reminds parents that kids like things simple and states, ‘’No need to spend a lot of time or money with preparation or expensive programs. Whole, basic foods and fun, active play, it will more than improve your child’s day!”

The American Obesity Association reports that approximately 30.3 percent of children from ages six to eleven years are now overweight and 15.3 percent are obese. In addition, there are no signs of that trend reversing without a complete societal makeover and a new approach to how families spend their time together. Celia strongly feels that through her fun and family inclusive Funfit programs and Centers now open not only in the DC/Maryland area but also in Louisiana, New York, classes in Colorado and with more on the way, she can trim America’s families and bring them back to a healthier size.

ABOUT CELIA KIBLER : Celia Kibler, is the President of Funfit Inc. and co-creator of the Funfit fitness program for children founded in 1987. She has obtained a BS from the University of Maryland. She is also Certified as an IFA Sports Nutritionist, NESTA/PACE Personal Trainer for children and a Level 2, Radiant Child Yoga Instructor. Kibler is a past faculty member of Montgomery College Challenge Program teaching Health and Fitness to mentally and physically challenged adults. She has been an invited speaker at the International Kids Fitness Association Conference (no longer active), Maryland Recreation and Parks Conference, as well as speaker on Teen Fitness to Prince Georges County Recreation in Maryland. She is a Business member of the International Dance Exercise Association.
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