Celebrities Have Their Say on Prop 8 Decision

prop 9 portia ellenLos Angeles, CA (RPRN) 5/27/2009 – Many people are feeling angry over California Supreme Court’s decision to uphold Prop 8, which bans same sex marriage. Now several celebrities, some of who are openly gay, have stepped forward to express their discontent with the decision. Here are what some of them are saying.

Lance Bass: “The decision to uphold Prop 8 is deeply disappointing. I can only hope to one day live in a country that grants equal rights, opportunity, and freedom to all citizens.”

Ellen Degeneres: “I’m sure you heard the Prop 8 news. One day when everyone is treated with full equality, we’ll look back and realize how wrong this was.”

Melissa Etheridge: “So, will anyone be sleeping better tonight? Those full of hate and fear will surely be disappointed that 18,000 same sex couples will be living in wedded bliss, kissing their spouses goodnight, checking off those little ‘married’ boxes on all those forms we fill out nowadays. That’s really going to drive them crazy.”

Kathy Griffin: “My 89 year old mother has asked me to get her a wheelchair to take her to a protest tonight, even though she isn’t in the greatest of health. She is neither gay, nor the parent of a gay person, but she is as passionate about this decision as I am. I am so proud to march with her. Shame on the CA Supreme Court for this decision that history will not look back on fondly.”

Kim Kardashian:
“This really makes me sad. I thought we were more forward thinking than this, and I’m disappointed in the Supreme Court for being so close-minded. Everyone…gay, straight, bisexual, transgendered — EVERYONE should have equal rights to marry who they want to.”

Holly Montag: “BOO CALI! Our Bill of Rights and Constitution intended equal rights for ALL regardless of race, gender, SEXUAL ORIENTATION, age or creed!”

Eliza Dushku: “Shame on California Supreme Court!”

Dozens of rallies are being planned for today for people who are against the decision. What is your reaction?

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