Castro’s Undying Political Clout Picks Clinton, Obama as Winners

is CASTRO DEAD?Castro, rumored dead, supposedly says Clinton & Obama should be presidential team
By Lagan Sebert  for Hollywood Today newsmagazine with an attitude

HOLLYWOOD, CA (RUSHPRNEWS) August 29, 2007-— Rumors have been floated from CNN to the Internet over the last few weeks that Cuba’s ailing dictator who has outlasted nine U.S. presidents is dead. Much of the speculation is centered in the Cuban-American community in Miami.HOLLYWOOD TODAY
Perhaps in an attempt to quell rumors, Castro reportedly addressed the U.S. indirectly on the subject of presidential elections via his bylined editorial column in Cuba’s Communist Party newspaper, Granma. “The word today is that an apparently unbeatable ticket could be Hillary for president and Obama as her running mate,” he supposedly wrote on Tuesday.

Cuba’s foreign minister, in an effort to quiet the rumors, made a statement yesterday saying that Castro was is in good health.

“I’ve heard the rumors before, but there’s a different feeling this time, like this time it’s real,” Sandra Avila, an executive at a design firm in Miami, told The Gaurdian.

The US state dept told FOX news that the rumors are false and stem from a meeting of Cuban officials getting together to discuss how to handle it when the Cuban dictator does leave this earth.

“Castro is dead!” is among the most common falsehoods uttered in Miami and elsewhere in the past fifty years… One of the earliest claims that Castro was dead was made by his first nemesis, the dictator Fulgencio Batista (who Castro overthrew in 1959),” said David LaFevor, a Latin American Historian at Vanderbilt University.  Castro underwent intestinal surgery in July 2006 and handed power over temporarily to his brother Raul.

Fidel has not been seen in public since before the operation, though he has appeared in photographs and eight videos, the last of which aired on June 5. He turned 81 on August 13 with little celebration in Cuba.
The most recent speculation was inflamed not by a Miami Herald investigative journalist or CIA leak. It was launched by Cuban-American celebrity gossip blogger Perez Hilton on Aug. 17 when he speculated that the Cuban dictator had recently died.“We stand by our story 100%. Fidel Castro is dead!” reiterated Hilton in a blog on Aug. 24. There are currently almost 1,400 comments on his most recent blog.
“It is difficult to say whether or not Castro is the author of the recent articles attributed to him. The tone seems like routine Fidel; but this could easily be imitated. The Cuban security apparatus takes the “state secret” of Fidel’s health very seriously and I doubt that we will know much before they want us to,” said LaFevor.
A Cuban minister told the BBC that the CIA has tried to assassinate Castro more than 600 times. While that may seem like something from a “Pink Panther” movie, the Cuban leader has almost 50 years of defying expectations and remaining a defiant thorn in the side of the US. It appears that Castro will approach death as he has approached everything else during his reign; on his own terms.

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