Cano On His Subpar Season: “It’s Not Your Business”

ROBINSON CANONEW YORK (RUSHPRNEWS)09/09/2008–Robinson Cano isn’t too happy about what people are saying about his subpar season. According to Peter Abraham, Cano had this to say about rumors that his recent long-term deal has led to a diminished work ethic:

“Nobody has said that to my face. But I know what people are thinking,” he said. “I have an answer for people who say that: It’s not your business. Don’t look at my contract. This is one bad season. I had three good ones before this one.” He also had something else to say about “people.” This:

“There is one other good thing. I’m going to know who’s on my side. Who’s my friend; who’s not my friend. Who’s talking behind my back. I’ll remember all that. Because I’m going to go back and be the player I’m supposed to be.”

Well, Robinson Cano sounds like he’s really frustrated. He says he’s been working just as hard this season as he worked last season, before he got his big contract. Joe Girardi and hitting coach Kevin Long appear to agree, saying in Abraham’s article that the second baseman has done the same amount of work he’s done in previous years. They should know. They see him everyday. I think that, if Cano were not putting in the work, the team would have admitted so much by now.

Cano’s comments make him sound immature and over-sensitive. But I won’t hold it against him. He’s doing everything he’s supposed to do but it’s not happening for him this year. The “people” seem to forget that this is what happens in this game. This is baseball, “people.”


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