Cannes Festival Presents “Death Proof” Quentin Tarantino’s Homage to B Movies

Death Proof A Quenton Tarantino's filmCannes Festival Presents “Death Proof” Quentin Tarantino’s Homage to B Movies of the 70s

Cannes, France (rushprnews) May 22, 2007With the in-Competition presentation of Death Proof – A Grindhouse Film, the Cannes Festival is reunited with one of its most loyal directors, none other than Quentin Tarantino.

After bursting onto the scene in 1992 with Reservoir Dogs, winning the Golden Palm for Pulp Fiction two years later, and then presenting his Kill Bill – Volume 2 here in 2004, the very year when he officiated as President of the Jury, this year the American filmmaker is traveling with some especially original reels in his luggage. Death Proof – a Grindhouse Film is intended as an homage to the low-budget B movies of the 1970s – the films made for the “grindhouse” market, theatres which showed trashy, anything-goes double features interspersed with messages to the audience and notices to the projectionist to change reels.Tarantino’s feature, a murderous road movie driven at breakneck speed by Kurt Russell and Rosario Dawson, is paired with a zombie film directed by Robert Rodriguez, entitled Planet Terror – A Grindhouse Film. In the United States, the two films were released in the form of a single double-feature program with spoof previews spliced in between the two movies, in the purest grindhouse-flick tradition. It’s hard to resist the way actress Rosario Dawson talks up Death Proof – A Grindhouse Film.

Her enthusiasm gets your blood racing: “It’s going to be the best car chases, it’s going to be the most bad-ass chicks you’ve ever seen, it’s going to be the most sinister, scary kind of killer who’s sinister and scary in a way that you’ve never seen before, and it’s going to be fun. It’s going to be something you’ve never seen Quentin do.”

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