Job Candidates Need To Be Wary Of Unfavourable Social Media Profiles Says Technology PR Agency

LONDON (RushPRnews) 02/23/09- Job candidates need to be wary of the image that they portray of themselves to the outside world via social media sites when looking for PR jobs, according to technology PR agency Punch Communications.An increasing number of candidates, particularly graduates, are unaware that the social media profiles they have created in the past may still exist, despite not having been updated in some time and potentially displaying the candidate in a negative light.

With social media currently a hot topic and ever more businesses looking to understand how to integrate web 2.0 into their campaigns, Punch is helping clients to understand how to create Twitter PR, amongst other activities.

Pete Goold, MD of PR Consultants, Punch Communications, commented, “We receive so many cvs from junior candidates that my first port of call is the web, primarily to see whether the person has an online profile and ultimately what it says about the candidate that’s omitted from their CV. Often it’s enlightening and, increasingly frequently, it’s actually alarming. I’m a huge fan of social media and think it’s a great vehicle to be personal, which of course means displaying ones personality – but I think that candidates need to understand that commercial rules apply when creating content that can be viewed by all, which many appear not to have grasped.

For more information, please contact Pete Goold, at, Punch at +44 (0) 1858 411600 or visit

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