Can Oprah Winfrey Make Obama President?

ObamaCan Oprah Winfrey Make Obama President?

West Palm Beach, FL. (rushprnews) May 10, 2007 — Can Oprah Winfrey, the most influential woman in America, make Barack Obama the next President of the
United States?

NewsMax Magazine’s special report “Obama & the Oprah Factor” has just been released and it reveals how the billionaire talk-show host and her millions of deeply devoted fans could help put the Democratic Senator Barack Obama from
Illinois in the White House. In fact, Oprah and her backing has already made Obama a top contender in a short time.

The report also features the surprising results of a Zogby poll, commissioned by NewsMax, revealing Oprah’s political reach and how Oprah Winfrey stacks up against the power of Hillary

Find out how Oprah can make Barack Obama president.

The “Obama & the Oprah Factor” edition of NewsMax Magazine is hitting newsstands across the country, including many Barnes & Noble, Hastings, Follett, Borders, B. Dalton, Books-A-Million, Joseph Beth and other major bookstores, as well as Publix, Meijer, Kroger’s and Wegmans supermarkets, and Hudson News and Paradies airport newsstands.

In addition to hard-hitting investigative reports and special commentary from a <a Morris ,  John Stossel, Bill O’Reilly ,>Dr. Laura,>Christopher Ruddy, David Limbaugh, and others, you get much more in  NewsMax  Magazine: NewsMax Magazine is not to be missed!

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About NewsMax: NewsMax Media is the parent company of a news Web site,, advertised as “
America’s News Page,” and a monthly magazine, also called NewsMax Magazine, which provide in-depth and comprehensive news, politics and independent commentary.  NewsMax Media is a multimedia publishing company that publishes online and offline content in the fields of news, politics, health and finance.


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