Boycotting and Returning Iams Products

beagle kept in cage by the Iams corporate

Did you purchased Iams products prior to knowing about its cruel animal testings? Demand a refund!

New York (RushPRNews)11/25/08-For years, PETA has pressed Iams to stop conducting and funding experiments on animals and to adopt 100 percent humane testing methods. Iams has made some progress, but many animals are still suffering for its products.   Did you purchase an Iams product just before learning about the company’s cruel laboratory experiments on animals? Does Iams’ testing policy make you sick? If so, we encourage you to get a refund. Most retailers will allow you to return items for a full refund or exchange, even if the item has been opened and used and/or you do not have a receipt.

One of our members has also informed us that Iams will provide refunds to people who request one on the grounds that they object to Iams’ laboratory tests on animals.

By returning Iams products, you are letting the retailer and the company know that you will not support animal abuse. Be sure to tell them that you are returning the item because Iams conducts cruel laboratory experiments on animals. Also, remember to take Iams literature with you to the store and encourage the manager to stop selling Iams products and to stock cat and dog food that is not tested on animals in laboratories instead.

Check with your local retailer for more information about its refund policy.

Below are the refund policies of several national chain stores that sell Iams products.

· Costco
Will provide refunds for opened or unopened items without a receipt (must be a member).

· Kmart
Will provide refunds for items with a receipt or if the items were purchased with a credit card, debit card, or check.

Will provide refunds for already-opened items with a receipt.

· Kroger
Will provide refunds. It’s up to store manager if there is no receipt or if the items have been opened.

· Target
Will provide refunds for items with a receipt.

· Wal-Mart
Will provide refunds for items with a receipt. It’s up to the store manager if the items have already been opened.

· Winn Dixie
Will provide refunds for items with a receipt.

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