Box Office Analysis June 8th Weekend- Ocean 13 is Lucky Number

Knocked UpBox Office Analysis June 8th Weekend – Ocean 13 is Lucky Number
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Los Angeles, CA (rushprnews) June 11, 2007 – Danny Ocean and his boys hit the jackpot again as Ocean’s Thirteen pulled in $37 million to top the weekend’s box office, beating out all other newcomers and the three big 3‘s: Spider-Man, Shrek and Pirates of the Caribbean.

Its gross was on par with previous Ocean outings Eleven and Twelve, which earned $38 million and $39 million respectively. It was also enough to bump At World’s End to the second spot with $21.3 million. Speaking of bumps, Universal’s unexpected summer hit Knocked Up continued to win over audiences, coming in at number three with $20 million.

The Judd Apatow comedy starring Seth Rogen and Katherine Heigl beat out Sony’s overdue animated penguin movie Surf’s Up, which washed ashore with $18 million. The weekend’s other major newbie, Eli Roth‘s Hostel: Part II, checked in with $8.7 million behind Shrek the Third‘s $15 million and far behind Roth’s previous installment of the horror franchise, which topped the b.o. charts in January 2006 with $18 million.

The Kevin CostnerDemi Moore mystery thriller Mr. Brooks tumbled to the seventh spot with $5 million ahead of Spider-Man 3, which added another $4.4 million to its super-sized $325 million gross. Picturehouse’s Edith Piaf biopic La Vie En Rose hit a high note in its limited U.S. release, averaging $21,473 per theater to bring its worldwide total to $2 million. Overall, the weekend’s ticket sales weren’t as sizzling as last summer’s as numbers were down 9% from 2006 at this time when Disney’s Cars revved into cineplexes with $60 million.

Up next week: Hollywood hopes to rekindle some of its early summer heat with super hero sequel Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer and family-friendly potential franchise starter Nancy Drew.Sunday estimates for the weekend box office of June 8-10:

  1. Ocean’s Thirteen ($37M)
  2. Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End ($21.3M)
  3. Knocked Up ($20M)
  4. Surf’s Up ($18M)
  5. Shrek 3 ($26.7M)
  6. Hostel: Part II (8.75M)
  7. Mr. Brooks ($5M)
  8. Spider-Man 3 ($4.4M)
  9. Waitress ($1.65M)
  10. Disturbia ($0.55M)
  11. Gracie ($0.522M)
  12. Once ($0.515M)

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