Bones Of Jesus and of Wife (?) on Displayed at the New York Public Library

Summary: Family Tomb of Jesus Revealed this Morning at New York Public Library- Two Ossuaries on Displayed – Tomb of Jesus, Tomb of Mariamne (Mary Maddalene) with the inscription The Master attesting to her high status in early christianity by Anne Howard, writer

New York, NY (rushprnews) 02/26/2007 -At 11 am today at the New York Public Library, the Discovery Channel made public ossuaries who may at once contained the bones of Jesus and of Mary Magdalene. The press conference presented findings discovered during the making of “The Lost Tomb of Jesus”, a documentary made by Emmy winner investigative journalist Simcha Jacoboci and produced by Academy Award winner James Cameron. The documentary explores the discovery and findings surrounding 10 burial boxes uncovered near Talpiot, a suburb of Jerusalem, in March 1980, in a cave dating back 2,000 years. In the film Jacobovici explained six of the boxes, inscribed in Hebrew, Latin and Greek, bear the names Yeshua (Jesus) bar Josef (son of Joseph); Maria (a Latin form of Miriam, or Mary, in English); Matia (Hebrew for Matthew, a name common to the families of Mary and Joseph); Yose (a name identified as Jesus’ brother in the Gospel of Mark); Yehuda bar Yeshua (Judah, son of Joseph); and Mariamne e mara (Mariamne, known as the master. Mariamne was Mary Magdalenes real name, according to a Harvard professor).

Simcha Jacobovici stated during the press conference,” The journey was somewhat surreal. To know that these boxes may once have held the bones of Jesus of Nazareth and of his mother Mary, here in New York City today”. Jacobovici defended himself against attacks that he is not an expert, “I am an expert. I am an investigative journalist and as such, my job is to connect the dots and speaks to the scientists with the know-how”. Here are the facts of the case as explained by Jacobovici:” We are messengers. Here are the facts: that there was a tomb discovered in Talpiot in 1980 by local children and that the tomb was excavated and scientists recorded.

Ossuaries - aka box of bonesSix out 10 of the bones had inscriptions,” Patina fingerprinting was used to establish relationship between the box of James brother of Jesus who was discovered in the antiquity market a few years ago and is being disputed as a forgery, and the boxes discovered in Talpiot. The most important elements of the investigation are that Mary Magdalene was a prominent figure in early christianity and that Jesus knew a married life. Refuting claims that the filmmakers are trying to destroy christianity, James Cameron states, “I never doubted that Jesus walked this earth but until now, there wasn’t a shred of evidence that he existed, and what this film shows is tangible forensic and physical evidence of his existence”.
The Lost Tomb of Jesus
Cameron involvement with the Talpiot Tomb project came out of his passion for discovery, to shed light on mysteries whether be deep sea exploration or assisting nasa. As executive producer his role was to play the role of the sceptic and pushed very hard for the hardest scientific pursuit so “that we could have confidence in our results”.

According to Jacobovici, Mitochondrial DNA samples and patina fingerprinting taken proved the findings.

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