Blue Ray Technologies Opening Largest Indie BD Mastering Facility, First with Rewritable Disc

BRT, already first Indie Blu-ray Disc manufacturing plant, will also do pre-mastering, stamping, authoring, and encoding.

Spokane, WA (RUSHPRNEWS) June 30, 2008 — Blue Ray Technologies, America’s first indie Blu-ray disc manufacturing plant, is now becoming the largest indie Blue-ray disc mastering facility in the U.S., according to BRT founder and chairman Erick Hansen.

It will also be the only indie that can handle rewritable disc mastering and will provide pre-mastering as well, all complex yet necessary components to creating Blu-ray discs that show what true 1080p hi-def is capable of, rather than just putting upgraded DVD content on a Blu-ray disc as some do. The consumers will come to expect this, it is one of the steps that make BDs eye-popping and a clear step up from DVDs.

The process will allow for advanced encoding, authoring and menu design and will apply to games, movies and any other digital content that can be put on BD. As for the rewritable discs, they are especially useful to computer users as well as publishers and corporate users who want a shorter run that does not require large manufacturing plants.

The new BRT mastering design is also more cost-effective than even the current DVD mastering process by reducing the number of steps involved and can eventually help lead to BDs in the price range of DVDs.

“We are building the world’s largest indie Blu-ray mastering and pre-mastering facility. In addition, we are the only indie American company that can make a rewriting stamper,” said Hansen. “We have more experience at this than any other indie on the planet. The discs will be mastered, encoded and delivered right.”

Since larger capacity optical discs require the pit to be smaller on the disc, current DVD mastering technology was not compatible for use in next generation optical discs.

Blue Ray Technologies is planning to open multiple Blu-Ray disc production facilities across the U.S, starting with a facility near Hollywood to be close to the indie and major studios that have now all adopted Blu-ray.

The new facilities are designed to be capable of handling the next generation of movie and game discs, Blue-ray 2.0, which gives an interactive web dimension to the consumer, and offer up to “five layers of entertainment,” according to Hansen, whose Hollywood move puts him closer to the studios he has worked with for years. The Spokane, WA facility is running and will have a hard opening in the upcoming weeks.

Hansen has also been in negotiations with the major studios through an affiliated company for downloadable high definition content over the Internet. While being a pioneer in DVD and now championing Blu-ray discs, Hansen also believes in delivering the best in movie and game content in whatever form the consumer wants it. (

With the end of the format war, and 70% of the U.S. having bought or buying HD screens (according to Nielsen figures), there is an “overwhelming” demand now for instant product in Blu-ray is the present and future in the arena, according to Hansen.

It is Erick Hansen’s belief that indie films, TV productions and games need an independent one-stop, cost-effective Blu-ray facility that serve their needs in an ever–growing marketplace.


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