BKFK.com Empowers Teen Creativity with Major Website Upgrade

BKFKBKFK.com Empowers Teen Creativity with Major Website Upgrade
Idea Lockerâ„¢ fuels creativity through technology.

Stamford, CT (RUSHPRNEWS) September 13, 2007 — By Kids For Kids (BKFK), one of the nation’s top youth innovation and marketing companies, today announced the official launch of their newly upgraded teen creativity portal, www.bkfk.com. The site presents a powerful platform for teens to create, develop and discuss their innovative ideas with like-minded people their age. The company will also launch four concurrent invention competitions every quarter on the new BKFK.com, designed to utilize the website’s key tools like the “Idea Lockerâ„¢.”

The Idea Locker™ is a private online space where teens can create, develop, store and share their ideas. Partially adopting the social networking style now familiar to the target age group, users will be able to add friends, chat, share ideas and provide ratings and feedback on ideas that others have decided to share through their “Idea Locker™.”

This secure personal locker can hold as many ideas as the user can dream up. The Idea Lockerâ„¢ also includes a mechanism for uploading files such as text, images, audio and video.

“This is an exciting concept that harnesses powerful networking tools with a purpose,” commented Norman Goldstein, the Founder and CEO of BKFK, “Creating, building and sharing your ideas is empowering. Teens now have a place to express their own individual creativity in any format and actually have the chance to make it a reality.”

The site is organized into four general creativity categories based on interests expressed to BKFK by teen users. In the “Say It” area, teens will be encouraged to generate written, visual or verbal ideas including video and music. Whether they are authors, singers, poets, writers, dancers, or wordsmiths – the Say It teen is one who creates worlds in their minds. “Build It” is geared towards inventors and those who like to create solutions to everyday problems. Often interested in science, technology, athletics, entertainment or domestic life, they find innovative ways to make things faster, better or just plain fun. The “Design It” section will have graphic and fashion elements to explore a new sense of style. These teens are creators and could express themselves as artists, architects or fashion designers. “Change It” will engage the users in social issues that affect the environment, humankind and animals. These teens are altruistic and passionate about making the world a better place.

Within these categories will launch the first four competitions; The Digital Arts Challenge, The Signature Style Challenge, The Sports Evolution Challenge and the Going Green Challenge for the environment. Teens will have over two weeks to try out the new BKFK.com’s many features and creativity stimulators in order to prep for these competitions, which officially launch on October 1st. The competitions are open to all youth 19 and under.

A $10,000 prize will be awarded to the Grand Prize winner of each competition, along with a meaningful “connection to reality” where each winner will enjoy an exclusive entrée into industry.

Norm Goldstein continues, “We believe strongly in the inherent ability of youth to solve problems and forge a positive future for themselves and the world. The new BKFK.com helps teens to discover their passions and channel their creative energy into fast moving, ever-changing competitions. With 16 competitions a year, $160,000 in total prize money and “connections to reality,”- bkfk.com is THE place to fire up America’s teens and transform their ideas into reality!”

Parents, teachers and other mentors will also be able to keep in with the action on the new website. Youth under the age of 12 will require parental permission to participate. Parents will be able to monitor, encourage and manage their kids’ activities on the site, with teachers able to involve class groups by using specially created curriculum related to each competition. These teaching tools include interactive quizzes and games to encourage creativity and idea generation, as well as inspiring profiles of famous innovators who found success while still in their youth.

BKFK has refined its process over years of experience to accept ideas online in a safe and secure manner. The new Idea Lockerâ„¢ employs a number of tactics to educate the users about Intellectual Property and protecting their rights while developing their innovations. Minors who wish to share their ideas must receive parental approval to do so. The Idea Lockerâ„¢ then allows teens to adjust the levels of privacy on ideas in their locker to private, semi-private or public.

About By Kids For Kids Co.
By Kids For Kids Co., “BKFK” is a closely held corporation based in Stamford, Conn., is the leading global marketing, branding and licensing company dedicated to making teens’ ideas a reality. Having produced numerous successful invention competitions, BKFK is finely attuned to what teens want. Their mission is to inspire, motivate and stimulate the innovative spirit within all young people. In addition to providing free support and educational resources to the world’s youth, BKFK provides entrepreneurial experiences for young inventors and supports the entire ideation through commercialization process. Learn more: www.bkfk.com

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