Bill Clinton Heats Up the DNC Last Night

bill clinton and barack obamaBill Clinton Fires Up the Convention
By Molly Claflin

Denver, CO (RUSHPRNEWS) Aug 28th, 2008-Former President Bill Clinton stormed the convention tonight with a powerful speech that left Democrats across America fired up and ready to elect Barack Obama the next President of the United States.

As one of the most beloved figures in American politics and a leader in the Democratic Party, President Clinton understands better than anyone the challenges of being Commander-in-Chief, and he resoundingly believes Barack Obama is “ready to lead.”

President Clinton led America to years of economic growth, peace, and prosperity, and said he knows Barack Obama will do the same:

Clearly, the job of the next president is to rebuild the American dream and restore America’s standing in the world.

Barack Obama is ready to lead American and restore American leadership in the world. Barack Obama is ready to honor the oath to preserve, protect, defend the Constitution of the United States. Barack Obama is ready to be president of the United States.

It was a momentous speech and an inspiring moment for all Americans. There is no doubt that President Clinton left Democrats united, energized, and ready for change. If you missed the speech, you can watch a video of his address here:

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