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Funfit’s Summer Camp Turns Kids into  Pirates and  Stuntmen and yes, that’s a good thing!

Rockville, MD(RUSHPRNEWS)–April 13, 2007—As child obesity reports continue to grow, Celia Kibler, President of Funfit Inc. and co-creator of the Funfit fitness program opens a unique summer camp for children from age 3 to 12 in all shapes and forms where the main  goal is to get and stay fit while having fun.

The Funfit summer camp is a place where children and young teens can stay active, fit and creative in a non-competitive, fun atmosphere. Located in Rockville, Maryland, this summer camp is a convenient way for parents to get their child to adopt a healthy and active life-style as they mature. The camp features non-competitive ball games, hoola-hoops, swimming noodles, parachutes games, even soccer and stick hockey. “We promote non-competitive activities in order to increase the children’s self-esteem,” says Kibler.

The camp welcomes children between the ages of 3-6 for half days and ages 6-12 for full days. Activities for the older children include magic shows, learning tricks, techniques, juggling, balloon animals,  showmanship which results in building self-confidence and self-esteem. Other activities include circus stunts, ball balancing and stilt walking. The camp ends with a magic show with kids as the performers. The second half of the day is sports, games and craft, “Our center also offers a complete range of enrichment classes for kids ages 0-13 years including our newest Funfit program Kids Yoga, music, art, kung fu, infant massage & sign language.”

In her continuous battle against child obesity, Kibler has created innovative fitness program and has recently equipped her center with Kids PACE Express Circuit equipment, a line of hydraulic resistant work out machines designed for kids.  Her approach not only combats and prevents childhood and teen obesity, it is also specifically family-inclusive. Kibler stated “Childhood obesity in the United States affects 9 million children over the age of 6 and the only way to stop it is by teaching healthy habits at a young age,” and added , “The way to educate them is by introducing all this knowledge through fun activities to the entire family. If it’s not fun they will not want to learn”.

Funfit Inc. was created by Celia Kibler and her sister Maddi Cheers in 1987 and in its twenty years of existence has expanded nationwide with centers in Louisiana and New York and many more to come.

Celia who is still President of Funfit, Inc. and manages all operations, programming, as well as teaches many of the classes has established herself as a maverick in the fitness industry. She has been featured on FOX, news MSNBC and CBS news and a number of Associated Press articles as a childhood and teen obesity expert. She is scheduled to appear on ABC’s” The View From The Bay” on May 16th in San Francisco.

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