Beyonce Facing Lawsuit From New York Club Owner For Canceled Performance

beyonceBeyonce Offers To Hang Out For An Hour At Club- Club Owner Spent Over $100,000 Preparing For Show

By Erin T. McMillon

NEW YORK (RPRN) 6/23/2009--A Manhattan club owner is crying foul over a canceled Beyonce performance and threatening the pop diva with a million-dollar lawsuit. In preparation for the North American leg of her I Am… Sasha Fierce tour, Beyonce was set to perform at a club called M2 in Manhattan.

The club’s owner, Joey Morrissey, told the New York Post that he paid the singer her $200,000 fee and all was well until he received a call from her camp on Wednesday (June 16).

According to Morrissey, Bey’s people told him that she would not be performing even though she signed a contract that stipulated he spend $100,000 in preparation for the show.

“They said they were too busy with the launching of the tour and that they wouldn’t have time to do the kickoff party,” he said.

Morrissey says Beyonce then offered to come to the club “to hang out for an hour” on Sunday in an effort to make amends for the missed performance.

“I mean, we sold tables for thousands of dollars for the show, and spent $100,000 renting a soundboard and other equipment, as per their stipulations. What good does her showing up for an hour do me? They’ve been totally unwilling to agree to another show,” Morrissey added.

Morrissey says he is now preparing to sue Beyonce for the “loss of reputation” his business has suffered as well as the money he is out.

“We had an overwhelming response from our club goers, who were lining up to buy tickets and tables. This will come as a great disappointment to all of them,” he claims, adding, “If Beyonce cancels and doesn’t give us a new date, this hurts our credibility in night life.”

At press time, Beyonce had issued no public comment on the potential lawsuit.

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