Below the Waterline – New Book Is Making Waves In Hollywood

BELOW THE WATERLINEBelow the Waterline – New Book Is Making Waves In Hollywood

Los Angeles – (RUSHPRNEWS)August 29, 2007 -What happens when the reality TV star who holds the world record for reality show appearances re-lives the journey of his youth which way-laid him from his ascension to fame and fortune in Hollywood? A battle with alcoholism, rebellion against authority, and an obsession with the loss of the woman that he loved, lands him in a city that slams shut in his face at every turn with rejection.

Author Steven C. Barber answers these questions and more in Below the Waterline (200 pp., tpb, $24.95), a collection of 12 cruise ship journeys of suspense and imagination. Barber is the great nephew of Edith Wharton, the first female writer to win a Pulitzer. His four years in the military escalated authority issues which led to him getting thrown off nineteen cruise ships, recounted in this entertaining novel.

World famous talk show host and creator of Jeopardy Merv Griffin, says: “I can’t wait to see this on the big screen!”

Below the Waterline covers a range of territory from life in the 80s to romance of The Love Boat, a perfect cruise chip read.

CEO of Universal Ron Meyer says of Barber’s story of hi-jinx on the high seas: “Steven Barber’s novel Below the Waterline was passed through our development department and was given high grades and five stars.”

Creator of NYPD Blue Steven Bochco says: “Your involvement with this subject has passion for all time. Keep up the good work.”

Some stories have their own heart (sometimes a warm, fuzzy heart, sometimes a twisted, black, and rotten heart). He has a fresh and true voice that will affect you, disturb you, enrage you, or make you laugh. He will not, however, leave you cold.”

Author notes: Steven C. Barber works as a documentary filmmaker and just finished filming the longest wheel chair race in the world. He is now preparing to go the South Pacific to document an 88-year-old WWII Veteran who is returning to the bloodiest battle in the history of war-fare, Tarawa. He studied Creative Writing at the Western Kentucky University and moved to Southern California in 1984. He is currently producing several documentaries, one of which was recently featured on Good Morning America. Featured on Jay Leno for the past three years in a row, Barber’s comedic personality and entrepreneurial skills can be seen at his website at and

ISBN 978-1-4259-6765-9

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