Beck Won’t Go Posh & Says No to Hollywood

david beckmanBeckham says he’s No Shaq, Won’t Go Hollywood
Won’t be going into film or TV, that’s for Posh, he says now to Hollywood Today

Hollywood, CA (rushpnrews) July 15, 2007 -David Beckham claims he has no Hollywood ambitions, as other sports stars like Shaquille O’Neal did when they moved to Los Angeles. “People talk about me going into Hollywood, and that is not what I am here for,” Beckham said.

“I have friends in that side of the business but that’s all,’ said the soccer star, who is known for his matinee idol looks.  Posh and Beck, as they are called in the U.K., already have a small support group of friends, including Tom Cruise and his wife, Katie Holmes.

“I am good friends with him,” he said of Cruise. “It is nice knowing someone like that when you come in. When we moved to Madrid we didn’t know anybody, so it is nice to have Tom and Katie here already.”

However, he’s already being pulled into Hollywood. He makes an appearance on Posh’s TV show, which airs Monday. And they are likely to be attracted to the big premieres and parties here, and that means actors and agents everywhere.

Beckham was wowed the first time he set eyes on his new $22 million Beverly Hills home, which he says will make putting down roots in Los Angeles that much easier.”We arrived at the house last night for the first time,” Beckham said. “I had not seen the house, so I was pretty excited and my wife was pretty nervous. It is a great house, very private and the kids are very happy there.”

Beckham and his pop star wife, Victoria, officially switched continents Friday, trading in his Madrid digs for a 90210 zip code in Beverly Hills.

“We had three and a half weeks holidays and we were thinking on the flight over that we just wanted to get here and get settled and get in the house and try to relax,” Beckham said Friday at his first news conference as the newest member of the LA Galaxy.

“We got a few hours sleep last night and the jet lag has not kicked in quite yet.”

It has been a whirlwind visit so far for the Beckham’s and their three children since their plane touched down at Los Angeles International Airport on Thursday night.

As part of their extravagant lifestyle, Beckham and Victoria purchased a lavish home in Beverly Hills.

“The main reason for us to be here is my soccer career, and obviously wherever I go my family comes with me.”It is important for us to make sure the kids are happy in their school.”

Beckham said raising a family and balancing that with their celebrity is something they are getting better at.

“Since Victoria and I got married there has always been a lot of attention on our lives,” he said. “The most important thing is to keep our children out of the limelight.

“We don’t like to palm our kids off on nannies. We plan to enjoy life here as a family.”

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