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DNC '08Denver, CO (RUSHPRNEWS) AUGUST 26, 2008–On August 28th, Barack will take the stage in Denver to accept the Democratic nomination in front of 75,000 people. However, there are millions more supporters across the country who won’t be able to make it to Denver.

That’s why our supporters have organized thousands of convention watching parties across the country to share their excitement with Obama supporters in their communities.

Scott in Ellinwood, Kansas says:

Well, here in Central Kansas there aren’t as many Democrats as we’d like to have so we wanted to have a convention watch party to give the local Obama supporters a chance to get together and celebrate the nomination of our next President. With an LCD projector and large screen and good speakers it should be a great time. A local candidate for the Kansas House of Representatives will be there and I’m expecting some planning to take place for future events as well as voter registration or canvassing for Democratic candidates. If we do nothing more than provide a place for Democrats to gather for an evening of excitement and snacks then we’ll have accomplished our goal!
Ray in Mohawk Valley, New York says:

Our Mohawk Valley group just started a month ago and we are looking at the party as a way to kick off the fall campaign. We hope to register new voters, recruit more members to our group for the fall campaign, and encourage people to get involved in any way they can. We will be giving away t-shirts and taking pictures with Barack (or at least his life-size cut-out figure!). We already have 50 people registered so far and have not yet begun our publicity campaign for it.
Jeff in Kenmore, Washington says:

My wife and I thought it would be a great opportunity to get together with folks from to share in this historic occasion and hopefully use it further energize people. We’re having a potluck along with it. We do plan to encourage everyone to become more active and volunteer to help get out the vote and/or fundraise. We want this to be another opportunity for fellow Democrats to share insights, strategize and just have fun connecting & socializing. We’re really excited & energized for this! Can’t wait to hear Obama’s acceptance speech, especially with this crowd!
Cathleen in Tucson, Arizona says:

We chose to host a Watch Our Winner party because we support Obama and wanted to spend the evening watching him with like-minded people. Sharing food and drink, we anticipate 15 people and we will ask them to help both his cause and the local Democrats by phonebanking or canvassing.
Emily in Cottonwood Heights, Utah says:

Hosting a Convention Watch party is an appealing way for me to contribute to the Obama campaign. I’m not a good salesperson and I don’t feel comfortable calling on my Republican neighbors in this red, red state, but I do want to meet other Democrats and Obama supporters in my neighborhood and share the excitement of watching Barack accept our party’s nomination! We will have TVs and PCs set up in several rooms, and my husband even mounted a TV on the balcony above our patio for this event.
Kim in Little Rock, Arkansas says:

I have been working with the local Obama campaign for about a year. Most of my campaign friends are gong to Denver (we are sending about 150 people from Arkansas!) but those of us still in LR wanted to get together to watch Barack’s historic speech.
Find a watch party near you – or sign up to host your own! – and be a part of this historic convention.


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