Anne Hathaway Silent About Jailed Ex-Boyfriend

Anne talks to the press about latest film release “Rachel Getting Married” but not ex-boyfriend

By Brian Frederick

BEVERLY HILLS, CA (RUSHPRNEWS) 9/17/08 – – “I still slightly believe in mortality,” said Anne Hathaway on a warm sunny Monday afternoon in Beverly Hills. Hathaway, 25, spent part of the afternoon with the press discussing her latest film role playing psycho sister Kym in ‘Rachel Getting Married.’ What was on the minds of the press was her latest role with the FBI and wanting to know if mortality referred too relationships.

 Hathaway has been in a public relations spin since June when ex-boyfriend Rafaello Follieri, 30, was arrested for scamming millions from unsuspecting investors in a real estate ponzi scheme. Hathaway has not been indicted along with Follieri. In fact, Hathaway appears to have been completely unaware of his actions and has been fully cooperative with the FBI.

Despite her bad choice in Follieri, Hathaway prides “herself in maintaining professionalism in her work”, she says. Which means business is business and those who want to dig into her personal life are off limits, it’s all about her latest film release.

In ‘Rachel Getting Married,’ her role as Kym embodies that deep commitment to her profession of acting. Hathaway digs deep into Kym who is full of self-pity because of her past while looking for a way to be normal. Kym is anything but normal and her actions bring about the worst in her and in her family.
“I had a year to prepare for this role,” said Hathaway. In preparation for her character, she attended AA meetings as part of her commitment to understand what emotions people go through who suffer from disorders. Hathaway was given the freedom to portray Kym in a manner that would give the character the intensity needed to carry the film. She and Director Jonathan Demme worked closely on this project. Jonathan’s “more free form spontaneous style really helped” with the acting, Hathaway said.

This is Hathaway’s most intimate heartfelt character and one in which she takes hold of and never let’s go. The film’s emotional roller coaster ride through Kym is Hathaway’s deepest reach into a character that is both moving and personal.

SOURCE: Hollywood Today

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