Amy Winhouse Video Game to Promote Disaster Movie

LOS ANGELES,(RUSHPRNEWS) AUGUST 12, 2008–Spoof movies used to rule the comedy market. Naked Gun, Airplane, Top Secret, Hot Shots. Now they are just needless crap. Sometimes you get a half decent one that borders on clever, but a less smelly pile of crap is still crap. So keeping with the reign of tasteless entertainment, the makers of the upcoming Disaster Movie have spoofed Amy Winehouse to make a video game to promote the film.

MSN reports:
Winehouse is the star of a new controversial video game called Escape From Rehab, reports

In the game being used to promote a new film parody, Disaster Movie, the singer fights superheroes like the Hulk and Batman with her crack pipe.

I usually roll my eyes with disdain when the media takes advantage of a downtrodden fallen star for the sake of their own amusement, but I just can’t stop laughing at this one.

Amy Winehouse is a tragedy. I had once thought her to be a one hit wonder and couldnt see why everyone was lopping all this praise on this washed up substance abusing unattractive bone pile. And the irony that her one hit would be called “Rehab” when it should have been called “Denial”. But then I saw one of her earlier jazz/soul performances before she fell to drugs and alcohol. Holy crap this girl had it. All of it. I would really like to see this girl turn it around, but in the mean time she has dragged this out so long that you don’t have a lot of hope.

So long in fact, that now she’s a standing joke.

Winehouse was originally supposed to be scribing the latest Bond theme, but that got shifted to Alicia Keys. Apparently Amy intends to release the single she produced on the same day that the studios are unveiling the Keys theme song for Quantum of Solace. Winehouse thinks they made a mistake passing her by and wants to prove it by putting her single head to head with the Keyes theme.


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