DUCT TAPE GIRLSHolding Life Together One Piece At A Time  This Four Host Podcast Team Can Set Your Ears On Fire

PHOENIX, AZ (rushprnews) 01/30/2007 – recently launched yet another new program format for young adult listeners. Now in its seventh week of episode production, the American Duct Tape Girls is a huge hit. Although the initial plan and expectation for this show, was that it would appeal to a young adult female audience — just the opposite has occurred. Initial audience feedback points to a majority listenership of young adult males. has been a “New Media” network leader since it began podcasting in October of 2005, and it continues to rollout uniquely creative audio programs. Their podcast programs now feature fourteen primary podcast hosts, nationally – up from nine just three months ago.

Molly Byrd, a program producer for Network, states, “We are being pitched weekly with a flood of innovative podcast program concepts. The American Duct Tape Girls came to us through a very non-traditional media channel. We snatched it up and have been in serious production ever since.”

The show features four young female characters: Gloria Goodapple, Izjen Woo, Dee Ranged, and Shirley McChallenged. The typical episode runs less than twenty minutes in length and includes lively and provocative discussions on a variety of topics. The show’s Producer, Molly Byrd, went on to say, “It’s a good thing we have editing, because the headsets in the production studio get pretty hot at times.”

According to Operations Coordinator, Bridget Hornbach, “Our program feeds are reaching out to iPod and MP3 player owners across the USA, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands…and our program feeds capacity is now well over 700,000 unique program feeds — all 100% computer controlled.” For MP3 player or iPod owners, subscribing to any of the program categories is totally free. An individual not owning a portable media player can go to website for free online listening (streaming), or they can download a choice of programs to their computer for listening at a later time. New Media Network continues to implement a unique business plan which involves carrying its franchise to small communities across the entire country with a wide variety in programming — of interest from a college crowd to the general public, business community and entrepreneurs. Marketing Manager, Allen Goodman states, “You can also expect to see our continued expansion into corporate and organizational podcasting — which involves 100% proprietary programming.” Network offers a line of successful programs including the Woodshed Music Program, Factoid Fred, Rock-N-Roll Legends, Unusual Occupations, Full Frontal News, Cover-To-Cover, Community Profiles, Books On The Fly, and sports and news programs hosted by a variety of contributing hosts. Network offers a wide variety of program podcasts and services, and is an excellent source for LOCAL WORLD MP3 audio. Marketing Partner, Allen Goodman states, “there’s more to life than just downloading music – and podcasting is changing the landscape of media distribution. Our network of podcasters offers content choices and time-shifted new media.” Inquiries about advertising, customized corporate and organizational podcasts, or becoming a show host on network — should be directed by snail-mail to Allen Goodman, at the above mailing address.

Appearing with this article is the signature photo adopted by the American Duct Tape Girls.

Molly Byrd
Fly Paper Productions, LLC
Media Group
POB 324
Harrison, OH 45030 USA
(812) 637-6908 Main Studio
(812) 637-6883 Fax

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