Amended Lawsuit Filed Against Advanced Content Services, Inc.

Amended Lawsuit Filed Against Advanced Content Services, Inc. 

Las Vegas, Nevada (RUSHPRNEWS)June 2, 2008- Rodrigo Calderon Araya today announced that he served an Amended Complaint in the United States District Court in Las Vegas, Nevada, against Advanced Content Services (Pink Sheets: ADCS) alleging that the company and its agents engaged in a course of libelous and defamatory conduct to intimidate him in an effort to cause him to cease releasing information about alleged financial frauds.

The lawsuit alleges that ADCS took part in a malicious scheme to publish false and defamatory claims that Calderon engaged in financial and sexual misconduct and that the company went so far as to create a website to libel him.

While the lawsuit has been pending in federal court for two years, the proceeding was delayed after the company changed its name without notifying the court and abruptly stopped its attorney’s bills. “This should have went to trial months ago, but ADCS’ attorney withdrew since he did not receive payment for his work,” Calderon said. According to the court docket, a federal judge will decide whether to enter a default judgment against ADCS for not complying with previous court deadlines as a federal magistrate judge recommended in January, 2008.

ADCS repeatedly changed its name and stock ticker symbol over the last three years. Prior to becoming Advanced Content Services, the company was known as International Mining Miners Group, Massive G Media, RHNMedia, Real Hip Hop Matrix, and Concorde Resources Corp. , and others according to the lawsuit.

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