Adactus/DBT/Nu Image goes Mobile Cannes ’08


 LOS ANGELES(RUSHPRNEWS) May 15, 2008 - CA ADACTUS and DBT GLOBAL announced today that for the first time they will offer the ability to view movie trailers at the Cannes Film Festival 2008 through mobile phones. Distributors will be able to send, view and distribute information about their films and company to their customers using the mobile phone.

“I am excited about ADACTUS Norway’s introduction of this new revolutionary technological application which allows content owners and distributors to view and send film trailers and information from mobile to mobile phones via email or SMS (text message). With this technology we will offer optimal video experience on each mobile phone. Additionally there are 4 other applications that we are going to introduce later this year. This is the beginning of a new era in mobile content distribution” says Peder Drege, CEO of ADACTUS Norway.

Nu Image, a full service production company and distributor servicing both domestic and international markets, has already signed on to have their trailers delivered via the Adactus system at Cannes 2008. “I think that this will have an enormous impact on how content is going to be delivered and the Cannes Film Festival is the right platform to start. Our customers will be able to see trailers and gather information on our line-up of films such as BAD LIEUTENANT, CONAN, RIGHTEOUS KILL, BROOKLYN’S FINEST, STREETS OF BLOOD, WAY OF WAR, and NINJA instantly. It’s truly amazing” says Christian Mercuri, President of Nu Image of International Sales and Distribution. The mobile site is

DBT GLOBAL operating from Los Angeles is handling the sales and marketing for ADACTUS NORWAY in this exciting market. “The Cannes Film Festival is a pivotal point for our overall marketing campaign. The attendees are really going to enjoy a special and unique management of a very exciting technology. ADACTUS will be offering a distinctive and innovative service, and will be pioneers utilizing these new technological possibilities.” says Raffaele DiBlasio, President of DBT GLOBAL.

All of the information and film trailers are accessed from a custom-built portal designed for mobile phones. Trailers and information are accessed instantly. All film trailers are streamed or downloaded from the Adactus Mobilize Video platform and ensure an optimal video experience for each user.

The ADACTUS products make it possible for content owners and distributors to offer “live video” and “video on demand” in a controlled and optimized environment. The products have primarily been directed towards the broadcast environment, but can be used for presentation of many different kinds of content such as sports, news, finance, entertainment and much more.

For more information contact
Peder Drege ADACTUS NORWAY (Technology)
(T)+47 91 17 65 35 – Email:
Raffaele DiBlasio DBT GLOBAL U.S. (Sales and Marketing)
(T) +818.982.7400 – Email:

Christian Mercuri Nu Image (President of Nu Image of International Sales and Distribution)
(T) +310.500.5505 – Email:

William Gardner
Marketing and Business Development
DBT Global, LLC
(T) 818.982.7400
(F) 818.982.7405

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