A Message from Jon Carson -Obama’s National Field Director

WASHINGTON, DC (RUSHPRNEWS) JULY 3, 2008 -Dear Fellow Americans, Last weekend, tens of thousands of people attended Unite for Change meetings in all 50 states. These meetings connected Obama supporters, Democrats who supported other candidates in the primary, Independents, and even some Republicans. They came together to talk about the change this country desperately needs and form the fundamental building blocks of change in their communities.

Check out this video we put together from events all over the country and share it with your friends:

OBAMA UNITE FOR CHANGE Unite for Change was an incredible display of the strength of our grassroots movement and the power of Americans to unite around our common desire for change.

No one of us can change this country alone.

That’s why it’s so important to bring Democrats, Independents, and Republicans who are tired of the politics of the past together to plan how to organize their neighborhoods.

Here are some stories we heard from people who participated in Unite for Change events this weekend:
“Obama attracts really great folks. Our small apartment had 18 of us all chatting about Obama and the good to come nationally and even locally. During the DVD, my 2 year old kept saying ‘that’s Obama’ whenever we saw our candidate. For those of us here in the reddest state it is very affirming to see others supporting a good cause and speaking freely and about the change this country needs. I really feel like we did some good for Obama and for ourselves today. His community organizer roots were showing because we had a room full of the young and young at heart being involved politically for the first time.”
— Amylouise in Coeur d’Alene, ID

“About thirty-five Obama supporters, former Clinton supporters, Republicans, and Independents gathered in Key West, the southernmost point in the United States. A number admitted that they have not been active in politics for forty years, and the two youngest got extremely choked up as they described friends in Iraq. People left with a commitment to register voters, hold future house parties, get out the vote, and do whatever they can to elect Democrats all the way down the ticket.”
— Beverly in Key West, FL

“I had over 50 show, with others wanting to come!! A wonderful gathering of friends, community members, neighbors (even my son’s first grade teacher) and lots of new faces in my house, coming together to see how they could become part of the process of change they are feeling with Barack Obama. I am so grateful for the opportunity to show my two children, ages 5 and 7, that this is how America works. Thank you for the opportunity to help. I look forward to more in the future.”
— Walker in Sherman Oaks, CA

“We met neighbors that we had never met. We all shared one common goal — black, white, old, young, all united for change. Wow! It was magical to see our young college students and graduates so involved and it was rewarding to see our seniors revitalized and charged with enthusiasm and hope. We can’t wait until the next event on Independence Day.”
— Barbara in Birmingham, AL

Watch the video of Unite for Change events like these and see how exciting it can be to get involved in your community:


Working together, we can have a huge impact — not just on the election, but on the way politics works in America.

Thanks for your support,


Jon Carson
National Field Director
Obama for America

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