A Look At This Weeks Very Few Post-Oscar DVD Releases

By Diana Srougi

MONTREAL (RushPRNews) 02/26/09- It’s an incredibly slow week for DVD releases. The Oscars are over, and the excitemBent has seemed to drastically halt. There aren’t many films that came out, but here are the main titles.

What Just Happened?: Hollywood Crisis

Robert De Niro is still as productive as ever. We’ve recently seen him in “Righteous Kill” which was released only a few weeks ago. Now here he is again, this time in Barry Levinson’s latest film “What Just Happened?”, which holds an all-star cast such as Golden Globe winners Bruce Willis and Stanley Tucci, and even Sean Penn (winner of this year’s Oscar for Best Performance in “Milk”). This outrageous comedy is the adaptation of Art Linson’s best-selling memoir that he converted into a screenplay himself. A Middle-aged Hollywood film producer tries to succeed in balancing the crisis’ he is facing in his personal life, and those he must confront in his career, when producing a film becomes almost impossible. “What Just Happened?” premiered at last year’s Sundance Film Festival in Toronto and was selected to close the 2008 Cannes Film Festival.

DVD release date: February 24th 2009
Distributor: Magnolia Home Entertainment
Rating: 6.6/10

Sex Drive: A Shallow Road Trip

This week’s other comedy is “Sex Drive”, directed by Sean Anders. He also wrote the script with John Morris with whom he’s already worked in the past. Andy Behren’s book entitled “All the Way” was their inspiration in the conception of the screenplay. The film stars Josh Zuckerman (“Feast”, “Lions for Lambs”), Amanda Crew (“John Tucker must Die”), Clark Duke (“Superbad”) and two-time Emmy nominee Seth Green. “Sex Drive” tells the comical adventures of an eighteen-year-old virgin who meets a hot chick on the Internet. He sets off on a road trip across the country with his best friends in order to lose his virginity before college starts.

DVD release date: February 24th 2009
Distributor: Summit Entertainment
Rating: 7.0/10
Earth Cinema Circle
The Haunting of Molly Hartley: A Mother Gone Mad

This week’s dramatic thriller is “The Haunting of Molly Hartley”, written by John Travis and Rebecca Sonnenshine, and directed by Mickey Liddell. He’s produced several films since the late 90’s, but this is his first time at directing. Haley Bennett (recently seen in “College”), Jack Weber (“The Cell”, “Dawn of the Dead”) and Chance Crawford (who teenage girls find irresistible in his role on the television series “Gossip Girl”) star in this psychological fantasy film, mixing teenage preoccupations and the occult. A seventeen-year-old girl recovers from the wounds that her mother inflicted upon her in an attempt to murder her. She later discovers the true reason why her mother wanted her dead, and it has something to do with the devil.

DVD release date: February 24th 2009
Distributor: Freestyle Releasing
Rating: 3.4/10

Diana Srougi is RushPRnews’ new weekly DVD critic. You may write her at diana@rushprnews.com with story ideas and news tips. www.rushprnews.com


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