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LOS ANGELES(RushPRnews) 01/09/09-Purchase the Director’s Cut of the quirky, award-winning comedy murder mystery “DEATH OF A SALESWOMAN” on See if you can figure out who killed famed plastic storageware saleswoman Agatha Ruby. Full of plot twists, funny dialogue and memorable characters, it’s a likeable romp that leaves you smiling and satisfied.Starring Melissa Papp, Cynthia Mann and Justin Melvey, not rated, suitable for family viewing. TRT approx 77 mins. Color USA Dolby 2.0 Surround.

Through a hazy maze of nutty twists and turns or macabre and inconvenient coincidences, “Death of a Saleswoman” propels us through all the dotty lives of a rural small hamlet’s populace. Practically every single character in filmmaker Donna Wheeler’s universe either has a reason to be a suspect or to finger someone else as one. Although the gazillion maddening strands eventually find clarity and get tied neatly with a bow, part of the fun is simply letting go and allowing this marvelous cinematic bon-mot to simply wash over you.

As an added plus, what really sucked me in was the wonderfully orchestrated sonic universe. Both the music and the sound beds jointly conspired to create a rich geography of place and a lush mood of mystery. It was equally silly when it was appropriate as well. It felt like I was really there for the ride.

“Death of a Saleswoman” is a smart and funny murder mystery that rips the lid off stale, pre-packaged crime dramas and instead delivers a fresh, delicious comedy to the world. I highly recommend it.

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