7 Year-Old Singing Sensation Sets Sail to Conquer America

Connie Talbot, singing sensation Connie Talbot, Britain’s 7 Year-Old Singing Sensation, is Set to Conquer America

Albany, New York (RUSHPRNEWS) July 8, 2008Britain’s Connie Talbot, the 7 year-old international phenomenon has over 44 million viewings on YouTube and was discovered on the popular tv show, Britain’s Got Talent, featuring judge Simon Cowell of American Idol fame. Connie knocked Madonna from the number one position on the UK charts, and her debut album, Over The Rainbow, went gold in three weeks. Connie Talbot is set to release Over The Rainbow in the United States on September 30 on AAO Music/Reality.

In 2007, an aspiring singer stepped onto the soundstage of England’s enormously popular TV program Britain’s Got Talent, flashed an adorable gap-toothed smile and instantly won the heart of the notoriously crusty Simon Cowell–yes, that Simon Cowell–as well as the British viewing public. In just a couple of minutes, a true star had been born.
In the past year that young lady has become an international phenomenon, with millions of YouTube views, glowing media coverage and a best-selling album–a feat made all the more remarkable by the fact that Connie Talbot is all of 7 years old.
Over the Rainbow, Connie Talbot’s debut album, went gold in the U.K. in three weeks, and is set for release in the United States on September 30th by AAO Music/Reality. Now it’s America’s turn to experience Conniemania!

“We’re looking forward to working with Connie and her family,” said AAO chairman Peter Kuys. “She’s a happy, charming, innocent child with an exceptional talent. We’re an artist and people-driven label where she will fit right in.”
Over the Rainbow is, of course, named after the timeless classic from The Wizard of Oz, and it was with the album’s title song that Connie first dazzled British audiences. Cowell, one of the three judges of Britain’s Got Talent–the same role he so famously performs on American Idol–was left uncharacteristically speechless, declaring Connie’s pure, angelic rendition “fantastic” and commending her for her “pitch-perfect” vocal on the Judy Garland standard.
Although she ultimately came in second place in the British contest, word of Connie’s prodigious talent spread rapidly. Asian music fans, in particular, went wild for her–Over the Rainbow became a platinum album reaching the number one spot in Taiwan, South Korea and Hong Kong and came close to that in Singapore. When Connie toured Asia following the release of the album there, she was received with wild enthusiasm.
But that has been par for the course since she first appeared in front of audiences. The British newspaper Express & Star, covering one of Connie’s U.K. concert performances, reported, “Police had to calm frantic crowds as they clamored to get into a special tent to get a glimpse of Britain’s Got Talent TV star Connie Talbot… police threatened to stop last night’s show unless the crowds could be brought under control.”
The story of Connie Talbot’s meteoric rise is “fantastic” in itself. Connie, in her own words, had been “singing since I could talk,” but when she auditioned for Britain’s Got Talent her family was only looking for something fun to do that day. The euphoric response by viewers and judges alike quickly catapulted the pint-sized songstress into the spotlight. As of this writing, videos of Connie have been watched more than 44 million times on YouTube. On July 16, she will have the honor of performing at the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund Annual Gala Dinner, in London.
Over the Rainbow, produced and mixed by Simon Hill and Rob May, was recorded last fall in an aunt’s spare bedroom so that Connie, who lives in the town of Streetly in West Midlands, would not lose valuable school time. The album is filled with Connie’s stirring interpretations of such classics as “I Will Always Love You,” “Imagine,” “Ben,” “My Favorite Things” and “What a Wonderful World,” even a cover of Bob Marley’s “Three Little Birds.”
“I’m really looking forward to coming to America to do some singing, meet new people, and make some new friends!” said Connie when asked about her impending introduction across the Atlantic.
And America is certainly looking forward to meeting her. Already, Connie Talbot’s recordings have sold in large quantities as imports; she’s got many fans in the United States without having sung a lick here, and a definite buzz is in the air: Plans are in the works for the young star to sing duets with major American artists, and to appear on some of the States’ most popular entertainment TV programs.
The future is limitless for this talented, delightful young singer, who has already come so far in the year since her debut. Just how far? Well, where that space in her mouth used to be, now there are two beautiful new front teeth!

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