50 Cent Talks Kanye West’s New Style

By Erin T. McMillon

NEW YORK(RushPRnews)10/29/08-In light of some of his actions, some fans are now considering 50 Cent the proverbial schoolyard bully, reported Yo! Raps. Unable to pick a fight with Kanye West in the form of a record sales show down this time around, the buffed up rapper seems to be questioning the artistic integrity of Ye’s new album.

“There’s no comparison in us as artists,” 50 told MTV recently. “We’re almost the yin and yang, it’s almost the opposite. It’s almost taboo for you to make a love record from a Hip Hop perspective. That was actually reserved for LL Cool J and ‘I Need Love’ and ‘I Can Love You Better.’ He was the only Hip Hop artist that actually did that prior to what I see coming from Kanye, and for him to make an entire love album. Like it’s pretty much based on love and Auto-Tunes, 808’s and heartbreak. I can’t wait to see what this does.”

Last year, Fif and Ye faced off in a record sales show down with 50 promising to retire if he lost. Obviously not a man of his word in this instance, 50 is set to release his next album Before I Self Destruct on December 9.

Kanye’s 808’s And Heartbreak is due out on November 25.

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