2012- Hillary Vs. Palin

Could Secretary of State Clinton run against Palin in 2012?

Op-ed By Jody Babydol Gibson

HOLLYWOOD, CA (RushPRnews/Hollywood Today) 12/4/08
— During the primaries Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin gave a stellar performance proving that she was a strong adversary as well as an excellent orator. Hillary Clinton, named Secretary of State-elect, who had campaigned so hard and so well attempting to face her destiny in history as the first woman to run for president of the United States was clearly blind-sided by this ill-fated curve ball. It seemed that perhaps fate had other plans for Hillary Clinton and that after all those 18 million supporters rallied behind her she might not end up to be elected President after all. We began to ponder about not only what might have been but what possibly could be.

Now it seems Hillary once again has the last laugh as she takes office in the most powerful position for office as Secretary of State for President-Elect Barack Obama’s administration. How difficult it will be to run against the head of the party and her Boss, starting in the middle years of her run as SOS, is a conundrum.

The interesting question now is will Hillary then run for President in 2012? And will this mean that she might then run against Sarah Palin who also has her sights set on the Presidential eight ball? This would mean that we would have two women running for President of the United States against each other and what an entertaining if not fascinating election that would be! Especially since both women are equal adversaries in both tenacity and spirit as well as support from the American people!

Clearly, if the Democrats rise to the occasion of rescuing our economic conundrums this would surely add to Hillary’s popularity and she might very well find herself the first female elected as President; however, if some unforeseen course of events should transpire exacerbating our economic woes further or worse, find ourselves in another possible altercation with one of the many religious extremists campaigning for our demise- clearly this would open up the gateway for the Republicans in the next administration as those who questioned the Democrats and their socialist spending said “I told you so.”

A plausible theory that could very well come to pass as truth is always much stranger than fiction…

Jody Babydol Gibson is Publisher & Editor-in-Chief of Corona Books and author of Secrets of a Hollywood Super Madam.

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