2008 NCAA Football Regular Season Tickets Now on Sale at TICKETFINDER.com

NCAA FOOTBALLAs the start date of the 2008 NCAA Football Season draws closer, TICKETFINDER.com has announced the sale of tickets to all scheduled games, for all venues.

SAN FRANCISCO(RUSHPRNEWS)August 4, 2008 – Immediate sale of 2008 NCAA Football Season tickets has been announced by TICKETFINDER.comTM  (ticketfinder.com), one of Internet’s largest sources for all sports, theater and concert tickets.

Tickets are available for all the scheduled games, across all venues and can be ordered online by visiting http://www.ticketfinder.com/sports/football/college_football/#tickets 2008 College Football Season tickets can also be ordered via telephone, by calling the portal’s customer service number at 1-800-523-1515.

College Football’s 2008 Season is scheduled to kick start on August 28, progress through the Bowl Games and close with the BCS National Championship Game in Miami, Florida on January 8, 2009.

“The year long College Football season is always packed with fun, excitement and unexpected twists. We have stocked tickets for all teams, all bowl games and also all The Big Game Rivalries such as Texas vs Texas, Stanford vs Cal-Berkeley, Florida Gators vs LSU, UCLA vs USC, Penn State vs Michigan, Arkansas vs Auburn, Miami vs Florida State. David A. Boitano, CEO of TICKETFINDER.comTM states. “As always, we are determined to live up-to our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and therefore, we will make sure that you get your 2008 College Football tickets in a timely and professional manner, without any hassles at all!”, he assures.

TICKETFINDER.comTM‘s 2008 NCAA Football tickets are backed by the portal’s 100% customer satisfaction, money back, genuine ticket, lowest price and free shipping option guarantees. Although priced for above face value, the tickets are available at reasonable rates.

“Ever since I graduated in ’98, I have gone back to my alma mater for the football games every single year; and each time, TICKETFINDER.comTM has helped me make the most of my trip. I save a lot of money and the tickets are delivered in a jiffy. In fact, all my friends trust TICKETFINDER.comTM for their ticketing needs. It’s definitely the best!”, quips Mark, an ardent College Football and TICKETFINDER.comTM fan.

College Football has, over the year, gained as much importance as Pro Football, and ticketing portals like TICKETFINDER.comTM make it easy for customers to order tickets, thereby increasing the games’ popularity and attendance even further.

Tickets to all the games for the 2008 College Football Regular Season are listed categorically, according to the names of the teams and can be ordered individually as well as in pairs. Fans can also view the stadiums’ seating charts and pick their seats.

In business since 1990, TICKETFINDER.comTM (http://www.ticketfinder.com) is one of Internet’s largest ticketing portal. Tickets to all major sports events, theater shows and concerts are offered at reasonable rates and can be ordered online as well as via telephone. With its cost cutting options such as the Run of HouseTM ticketing service, the tickets broker guarantees lowest prices. Free shipping options are also available.

TICKETFINDER.comTM backs each ticket with genuine ticket and money back guarantees and also guarantees 100% customer satisfaction. Virtual seating charts, blogs and detailed descriptions make things as easy for customers as possible.

For more information, contact:
David A Boitano, CEO
236 West Portal Ave Suite 360
San Francisco, CA 94127
800-523-1515 USA & Canada
650-757-3514 Worldwide
650-997-4694 Fax

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