20 Ways to Improve the Oscars From Fandango’s Moviegoers

Fandango Moviegoers Share their Oscars Show Pet Peeves – No politics and bring back the comedians seem to be the consensus!

LOS ANGELES (RushPRnews) 01/16/09-Fandango’s moviegoers share their Oscars Show pet peeves and suggestions. Here below are the top five recommendations.


When asked about which elements they’d like to see dropped from the Oscar telecast, 51% of Fandango survey respondents picked the political acceptance speeches, making it Fandango moviegoers’ top pet peeve. Here are some of our fans’ own rants:

“Shut up and entertain us. We don’t care what you think about politics. A bit of graciousness would be in order.”

“They should keep their political opinions to themselves before they end up with no consumer for their product.”

“Ban any individual who gives a political speech who does not hold a degree in political science from an accredited university.”

However, some film fans actually enjoyed the unrehearsed political elements of the show: According to one film fan:

“The unpredictable elements — the terrific or dreadful political speeches, horrible outfits, the tears…are such a fun part of the Oscars – we need them! Especially in a time of gloom & doom & falling finances, bring on the glitz & the glitches.”

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The majority of film fans say they are more interested in watching the Oscars with Hugh Jackman as this year’s host, but not every agrees. Fan comments include:

“Keep Billy Crystal on standby.”

“Do something funny…have Ellen host the show again!

“Bring back Steve Martin for much-needed comic relief. It makes the whole show for us. We don’t have anything against Hugh Jackman – but why him to host?”

“And please bring back Chris Rock as the emcee….he’s the only man gutsy enough to shake things up!”

20 Ways to Improve the Oscars


Not everyone wants to see a presentation from the Academy president — in fact, 39% of respondents said they’d like to see that bit dropped from the telecast. The introduction of Academy accountants PriceWaterhouseCoopers is also something fans would like to eradicte. Here’s a sample comment:

“Nobody cares to watch Sid Ganis awkwardly speak or see the PriceWaterhouse people, it’s a total buzz-kill and time-sucker…”


Fans would rather see the stars mingling at a dinner like the one held for the Golden Globes and SAG Awards, rather than a four-hour evening with stars patiently sitting in their seats and mugging for the camera. One moviegoer wrote:

“It would be great to see everyone get a little liquored up — it would provide more surprises for a stale show.”
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While it’s unlikely that the show’s new producers (the guys who brought you Dreamgirls) will drop the musical numbers, several film fans would love to see that happen. Their advice:

“Live musical numbers can be left out. Just give a bit of the song, in the same way we only see bits of nominated films via clips. This is not the Tony Awards, where music is essential.”

“Stop trying to do a variety show. The days of the musical are over.”

For the rest of the list go to Fandago

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