15th Annual National Yo-Yo Competition Draws Top Competitors to Chico, CA

YO-YO15th Annual National Yo-Yo Competition Draws Top Competitors to Chico, CA

CHICO, CA (RUSHPRNEWS) September 24, 2007- On October 6th, nationally ranked yo-yo competitors from all over the country will gather in the quaint town of Chico to compete for the National Title.  Finalists of 5 different yo-yo divisions, will showcase their 3-min freestyle routines in hopes of scoring the highest possible points.  Contestants choreograph their own freestyles, with a series of yo-yo trick combinations, that will be judged on technical execution and performance style.

  Coupled with the yo-yo competition, the 2007 National Spin-Top Contest will take place and also crown its new National Champion.  For all age and skill levels, there will be Sport Ladder contests in yo-yoing, spin-tops, and diabolos.  With the rapid growth of yo-yoing, the “Number One Toy of the 20th Century” has turned yo-yoing into a competitive and entertaining sport.  Today, more than anytime in history, there are more proficient players and fast-paced yo-yoing has proven to be a sport interesting to all ages. 
For contest information visit www.nationalyoyo.org. 

Bird in Hand in Chico, CA is the host of the annual National Yo-Yo Contest.  It also is the home of the National Yo-Yo Museum, which is the World’s largest public display of yo-yos and yo-yo memorabilia.

CONTACT:Bob Malowney

Bird in Hand

320 Broadway
Chico, CA

(530) 893-0545




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