Following these four simple steps assure that your press release will be published without delay:

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Step 1: Create an account and create a profile.

  • Usernames are case-sensitive.

You will receive an email with an activation link. If you do not receive an email within a few minutes, check your Spam or Junk folders.

Log in and complete your client profile from the “Account” link on the Dashboard page. Here you can personalize your account with details, such as a photo or logo. You must complete the profile by including an email account that you frequently check, in case we have questions about your press release.

Entering this information will then set up your RushPR Newsroom on this site that you can link directly from your company’s website (e.g.,


Step 2: Create a press release.

  • Your title must be under 116 characters (necessary for the full title and URL to appear on Twitter). Do not use all caps.


  • Your article must be 80 words and more and only contain ORIGINAL CONTENT. If you have published your release on another newswire, kindly remove all mentions of the other newswire and change the title and the opening paragraph.


  • Enter your city and state/province.


  • Paste your unformatted press release into the content entry box. From here, you may format your release using the formatting bar above the content entry box.


  • REMOVE DATE AND CITY FROM THE BODY OF THE RELEASE. Use the date fied and make it today’s date.  


  • When you are finished the top portion of the page, scroll down the screen and enter your contact information. Your full name, email address, and phone number are REQUIRED information.
  • 4 hyperlinks are allowed per release in TOTAL. Make sure to be Google compliant.


  • Select ONE category that most reflects the content of your release for publishing on


  • You are REQUIRED to submit one image using the “Add Image” tool (located above the content entry box) for your release. You may use up to two images or a combination of images and link to ONE video at no extra charge. We encourage adding media to your release because releases that include media have a higher click-thru rate and higher search ranking.


  • When you are ready to add your image to the press release, click the “Add Image” link. This will take you to the screen for adding images.


  • You may upload up to two photos. Select a category and add a title, caption and photo credit. Then you can upload your main image.


  • Add a second image, if you wish, for the body of the press release by completing the same steps as you did for the first image.


  • You may switch around the main image and body image by dragging one image on top of the other image. The images will switch place.


  • Preview your release: Click “Preview Press Release with Images.”



You may go back and edit your release if you wish by pressing the “Go Back” button once to edit the photos and then again from that screen to return to the main creation screen. Use the “Save and Preview” function to view your release and test hyperlinks.


When you are happy with your release, it is time to select your service package. You can access the service package screen by choosing either method of navigation:


Step 3: Select your service package.

  • Check off which packages you feel are appropriate for your distribution needs.


  • Click “Next Step” to take you to the summary screen.



Step 4: Acknowledge your package costs and make payment on the Summary Screen.


Here you will see your total and have the opportunity to redeem a voucher or coupon code. In this example, the code is a $30 discount coupon and you can see the adjusted total. You may then proceed to the payment screens to pay via credit cards or PayPal.


After payment is made, it will take up to 24 hours for us to review your press release and send it out for online publishing and/or distribution to news outlets.


Thank You,

Anne Howard

Editor-in-Chief, CEO RushPRNews

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