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PC or Console? Differences Explained by Iceberg Gift Cards

The PC versus console gaming is nothing new today. This debate has been around since forever, and it’s still gathering tons of gamers of all profiles and backgrounds. Every gamer has their own opinion about which gaming option is better in terms of providing the player with the most exceptional gaming experience.  Well, it isn’t… Keep Reading…

CEO Chad Price of MAKO Medical Steps Up for North Carolina During the Pandemic

The Founder and CEO of MAKO Medical, Chad Price, immediately recognized that he had a duty to his state when the pandemic hit. His company had vast resources at its disposal, including testing labs, a skilled staff, and plenty of commitment to the public. Since the start of the pandemic, North Carolina has suffered from… Keep Reading…

3 Tips For Helping Kids Stay Safe During The Current Pandemic

While no one wants to hear about their friends or family members getting sick with Covid-19, what most people want to avoid at all costs is their children getting sick. But with the hygiene habits of kids being questionable at best and their understanding of the risks associated with their actions being a little under… Keep Reading…

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