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Brennan & Clark LLC – How Debt Collectors Work

We have been very vocal here in the past about people who are in debt which they cannot manage and the importance of the fact that they should deal with debt collection agencies should they come knocking. Many of you have actually posted questions about who debt collection agencies are and whether or not they… Keep Reading…

Steven Kemler on Air Pollution and COVID-19

What you are breathing could be deadly  We all know that air pollution negatively impacts residents in many cities. Just ask anyone living in Los Angeles or nearly any metropolitan area in China or India. Air pollution associated with the burning of fossil fuels primarily for electricity generation, heating, industrial use and powering most modes… Keep Reading…

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium Ltd Approved for £175 Million Facility

In order to assist major British organisations and bridge cashflow issues in light of the coronavirus pandemic, the government has created the Covid Corporate Finance Facility (CCFF). Tottenham Hotspur has applied to this programme, and it’s been approved for a £175 million facility that will help manage short-term revenue disruptions. Importantly, this application and the… Keep Reading…

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