Non-Solvent-Based Methods For Making Cannabis Concentrates

If you want to make cannabis concentrates without solvents, you may consider using solvent-free methods. These include dry-sift, ice water, rosin press, and supercritical CO2 extraction. All of these methods work well for obtaining cannabis extracts. To learn more about these methods, read this article. 

Solventless Extracts

There are many benefits to solventless extracts for making cannabis concentrates. These Los Angeles solventless extractions are safer and can minimize production risks, allowing you to make a product fit for consumption. 

A major advantage of solventless extracts is their safety. Unlike gasses that can cause an explosion, solventless extracts are safer for the environment. BHO and PHO extractions require ventilation and special equipment. CO2 distillate is extremely flammable and requires special precautions to prevent it from leaking into the air. In addition, a solventless extraction eliminates the risk of consuming contaminants.

Dry-Sift Extraction

There are a variety of advantages to this non-solvent-based method of extracting cannabis. First, it is easy to produce. This method can be used for making a variety of concentrates and edibles. It also produces a higher-quality product compared to other methods. Its benefits include less waste and a cleaner end product.

This method requires less time than solvent-based methods. Instead of using petroleum derivatives, this method uses different types of alcohol to extract essential oils from plant matter. However, solvent-based extractions are often not safe to use at home because they may produce toxic byproducts. Therefore, this method is usually only used in professional laboratory environments. Some types of solvent-free cannabis extract are whipped, honeycomb, or crumble. These concentrates are usually highly-priced and are considered artisanal crafts.

Supercritical CO2 Extraction

Using supercritical CO2 as an extraction solvent for cannabis extracts has many benefits. It is inexpensive, non-toxic, and chemically inactive. It diffuses through cannabis plant materials like gas and dissolves them like a liquid, leaving less residue than conventional solvents. Plus, it is easily obtainable and available in virtually pure form. It makes supercritical CO2 the preferred extraction method for cannabis.

A key benefit of CO2 under pressure is its high solubility. It makes it easier to isolate specific biomolecules from the raw cannabis plant. By adjusting the pressure, engineers can separate cannabinoids and terpenes. As the pressure is increased, the solubility of cannabinoids is also affected. Supercritical CO2 extraction allows cannabis extracts to be highly customizable.

Ice Water Extraction

Consider solvent-free methods if you’re looking for an affordable, safe way to make cannabis concentrates. Solvent-free extracts contain no solvents and are sold as “solvent-free,” although they may still contain trace amounts of these chemicals. However, solvent-based extractions are often associated with lower quality and are not recommended for home growers. Solvents can be harmful, so you should only make cannabis concentrates with a professional.

In addition to ice water extraction, several solvent-free methods exist for making cannabis concentrates. Most of these methods use carbon dioxide as a solvent, making them more reliable and consistent. In addition, carbon dioxide extractions have a lower carbon footprint than hydrocarbon methods. This method is also great for experimenting with cannabis without the risk of burning yourself or producing a toxic byproduct.

Pressure and Heat (Rosin Press)

Rosin is created by combining low heat and high pressure. Using heat and pressure, a rosin press extracts trichomes from cannabis buds and leaves. Hash or kief can also be used to make rosin. The product has the appearance of solvent extracts, but there are no added adulterants. Rosin can range in color from clear to dark and has the consistency of very thick, viscous sap. It can be used as is or transformed into other delectable treats. Rosin presses can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars for a simple machine to thousands of dollars for industrial setups.

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