3 Benefits of Consistently Using Hemp-Derived Products

3 Benefits of Consistently Using Hemp-Derived Products

When we think of supplements that improve our health and well-being, hemp-derived products rarely cross our minds. Instead, we envision popping vitamin D capsules, drinking protein shakes, gulping down oddly-colored powders, and spending hours in the gym.

While these ingredients and activities are proven to improve our wellness and give us the energy needed to take on life’s most challenging obstacles, hemp products are the underappreciated remedies of the future. Whether you’re currently supplementing hemp products or you’re on the fence about their efficacy, here are three proven benefits that users experience once they begin using the ingredient consistently.

1. Pain Relief and Inflammation Reduction

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is a hemp-derived alternative that thousands of patients use to curb their chronic pain and lead active lifestyles in the face of adversity. Unlike traditional medications that treat discomfort while running the risk of addiction, CBD products derived from hemp are efficient at treating soreness without leading to dependence.

The way CBD reduces pain is by positively influencing the endocannabinoid framework, the system that heavily regulates sensations of pain and discomfort throughout the body.

More specifically, CBD extracted from hemp calms the nerves throughout the patient’s system, reducing throbbing aches and discomfort from exercise, injuries, and age-related deterioration. Moreover, CBD has been shown in clinical settings and studies to calm the inflammation caused by oxidative stress that accumulates throughout the neurons and glial cells.

2. Calm Mind and Worry-Free Living

One of the notorious effects that made marijuana so attractive in the past was its ability to reduce stress, induce a mild sense of euphoria and, for lack of a better term, make life enjoyable. However, CBD removes the euphoric effects while keeping the calm and peace many smokers enjoy after ingesting their medicine.

Individuals who regularly battle with bouts of depression, anxiety, stress, and insomnia can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that hemp-derived products positively influence their minds and soothe their woes. To further prove the effectiveness of hemp-based products, researchers from Brazil gave test subjects a therapeutic dosage of CBD prior to engaging in a public event. While these instances typically cause stress and worry, individuals given hemp-based products reported stress reduction and performed with improved efficacy over their peers who received a placebo.

3. Neurological Improvement

Lastly, hemp-derived products improve the effectiveness of our cognitive function, allowing us to remain mentally young for longer. Rather than declining year after year, slowly watching our mental faculties dwindle away into a nostalgic afterthought from yesteryear, CBD and hemp shield the brain from the life-altering side effects of neurological disorders.

Diving in, we notice a clear cut improvement in the lives of patients with multiple sclerosis (MS). In MS patients, immune function operates in a way that attacks the myelin sheath that encases each neuronal pathway, causing spams, chronic pain and jerking movements to become commonplace.

However, CBD patients suffering from MS reported a clinically significant reduction in spasms and jerking movements after ingesting their medicine, keeping discomfort and pain at bay. Although CBD and hemp-derived products are far from being a miracle medicine, their beneficial side effects are too impactful to ignore.

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