4 Accessories to Gift to Someone Who Has a Humidor

4 Accessories to Gift to Someone Who Has a Humidor

If you’ve got a humidor and are sampling cigars, there are other tools that will add to the quality of your smoking experience. Many of these tools feature an elegant design or a particularly stylish look. There are many aspects of cigar smoking that are quite stylized.

1- Cigar Rests

A lovely aluminum cigar rest can elevate your smoke off of table surfaces and out of the ashtray. Many such rests are made of brushed metals; you can pair them easily with an elegant glass or ceramic ashtray for a more specialized experience.

Cigar rests can often be paired with cigar cutters for a matching set of tools. These units can easily be settled into a small wooden box that matches your humidor. Once you’ve enjoyed a smoke or two, you may also be able to nest your rest inside your humidor.

2- Cigar Draws

Even the most quality cigars can become difficult to draw smoke through. Piercing the head of the cigar with small holes can make that draw easier and help you enjoy the full flavor of your quality cigar.

Do make sure that your draw tool has a clean place to be tucked away when you’re not smoking. You don’t want to work dirt into your cigar; it will ruin the flavor and may plug up your cigar even further. Additionally, these tools are sharp. Finally, you will produce crumbs when you pierce the head of the cigar. Consider storing your draw tool very close to your ashtray or a discreet trash can.

3- Elegant Ashtrays

Quality cigar ashtrays feature wider slot cuts to help you balance your cigar. Many cigar-specific ashtrays are made of heavy glass, ceramic, and even metal. You can also find ashtrays with material combinations; for example, you can find a single bowl metal ashtray with a wooden base or wooden accent for even more visual variety.

Consider looking for a custom ashtray at a ceramic or glass blowers shop. If your spouse loves to go to artsy shops and you struggle to get excited about it, keep your eyes out for an ashtray that will enhance your smoking experience. A good smoke is a one-of-a-kind experience; your ashtray could match with a bit of searching.

4- Discreet Air Cleaners

Many who smoke cigars love the fragrance of fresh smoke. However, over time this smoke can grow stale. A simple free-standing air purifier that can manage the total volume of your den or office can easily be settled into a quiet corner. Not only are these units quite small, but many are on wheels and can easily be moved out of the way in your home bar or party area.

These air cleaners not only draw smoke particles out of the air. Many of them also remove moisture from the air, which can cool off your smoking space. If your smoking room is not open to the rest of the house, these tools can keep the space comfortable.

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