Top 7 digital prospecting tools

Obviously, it is important to have a good prospecting plan in order to find new potential customers. It also helps to secure sales in the long term. Nowadays, it is possible to use digital solutions to prospect. Discover through this article the top 7 of these tools.

HubSpot Sales

The American software publisher HubSpot created the HubSpot Sales computer program. It is required in B2B and B2C marketing strategies. Among its features, we distinguish :

  • the integration of sales and CRM tools;
  • Advanced automation;
  • and the use of support tools assigned to customer service.

A free basic version and a paid version of this program are available. HubSpot Sales has a management and tracking tool that handles personalized email sequences.

This is a three-in-one tool available online. It is able to locate email addresses attached to a domain name. Once the addresses are found, it collects and saves them. has a storage capacity that goes beyond 200 million emails. This corresponds to nearly 200 million prospects.

It can be easily integrated into your browser as a plug-in. This tool is known for its ease of use. If you want to test it, you will have to pay a subscription fee. The price varies according to the storage capacity you wish to use.


Kaspr is another great option for generating leads. It allows you to automatically export all the LinkedIn contacts that interest you. Kaspr works in real time via the Internet. Its advantage is its speed, because it works in just a few seconds. A registration on  is necessary to benefit from the services of this tool. After registering, you will be able to use the Kaspr widget that will be integrated into your LinkedIn pages. Then, your contacts’ contact information will be displayed automatically from their profiles.


Sales teams are familiar with this tool. In fact, Salesforce is a world leader in the CRM software market.

This tool is composed of features of a prospecting software. These include contact management, sales pipeline and activity tracking. Salesforce can also handle reporting, dashboards, and automated scoring. It is also capable of designing quotes and emailing them to prospects via the software itself.

Salesforce offers services for small businesses, but is also ideal for large startups, SMBs, and IT companies.

Obviously, this is not a CRM. It is a prospecting software. has a first part dedicated to prospect qualification. Once the latter is qualified, you have an eye on the opportunity until the closing. This is possible thanks to an automatic reminder loop for your follow-ups. also offers its users innovative internal tools. In particular, you can use a qualification script, which is very useful for asking questions and obtaining information about your prospect.

This tool is a great ally for sales representatives. It also allows you to easily deploy your automation strategy by using integrations.


This tool allows you to personalize your prospecting emails. Most tools on the market mix e-mail marketing and outbound e-mail. Lemlist has the advantage of focusing on outbound e-mail. This allows you to obtain the best possible response. With its simple and uncluttered interface, this tool makes it easy to create automated sequences.

With Lemlist, you can personalize your emails with images, videos and landing pages. However, this depends on the package you choose.

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