5 Benefits of Installing a Door Exit Alarm at a Residential House

5 Benefits of Installing a Door Exit Alarm at a Residential House

The main fear for every caregiver is that elderly patients with cognitive difficulties will wander off. Your older loved one is in danger of wandering if they have dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, or are recuperating from a head injury.

Keeping them up at night to ensure that they don’t leave home might be exhausting for any caregiver. If you don’t live with your loved one, the stress will be amplified. Whatever the situation may be, having a dependable door exit alarm system devoted to monitoring it 24 hours a day may provide you with much-needed peace of mind.

1. Protects People From Wandering Off

The door exit alarms protect your loved ones from eloping or wandering. They safeguard the patient’s safety by serving as a second pair of eyes for you. They operate by sending you an alarm if your loved one attempts to leave the house. Alarms may also be installed on cabinet or closet doors to prevent restricted access to places due to safety concerns.

2. Residents Can Enjoy the Freedom of Movement

The risk of eloping is too high among dementia patients and has forced caregivers to devise other ways of ensuring patients remain in their residential houses. Most of these methods involve confining or restricting freedom of movement. With a door exit alarm, the residents can move around the house freely without any restrictions. They do not have to don the cumbersome wearable devices.

3. Provides Peace of Mind for Caregivers and Loved Ones

A caregiver or loved one may be restless since their elderly patient may wake up in the middle of the night and leave the house. They are forced to check on their patients regularly to ensure their safety within the premises. The door exit alarm system is reassuring because you do not have to keep checking on your patients to ensure they are safe. You can rely on the alarm to notify you when the patient needs assistance and when they try to leave the residence.

4. Reduces Workforce and Operational Costs

The door exit alarms cut down the cost of operations because the residents do not need to have many caregivers to monitor them. Furthermore, the caregivers will not need to use wearable devices that require constant maintenance and replacements.

5. No Special Specifications

The door exit alarm is designed so that everyone can utilize it without the need for a skilled technician. It is easy to install and works for every door since it does not have special specifications. The operation and maintenance are low depending on the type of alarm system you decide to install on your doors.

You cannot afford to live with the fear that your patient or a loved one with dementia has accidentally left their residence and are lost. Most of these patients cannot find their way back to their homes, thus endangering their lives. Using door exit alarms is one of the most secure and guaranteed ways of mitigating the chances of wandering.

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