Lead generation: how to choose your tool?

Companies often wonder which lead generation tool to choose to facilitate the acquisition of new customers. Since each sales prospecting software has its own features, its effectiveness depends on your objectives. How do you find a tool that can help you generate contacts and then convert them into customers? This article offers some useful advice to help you make the right choice.

Identify the needs of the marketing team

Lead generation consists in implementing several strategies in order to collect contact information from prospects and convert them into customers. Before choosing a tool that can help you achieve your goals, first analyze the needs of your sales team, if they’re struggling to see any results with their pitch they should obtain call insights and see if there’s something they could improve on. By taking into account their expectations, you will easily find the most suitable software for your lead generation campaign.

There is no need to buy a complex software that is difficult to use. It is better to opt for a lead generation tool such as Kaspr, which is simple but effective. It makes it easy to acquire qualified leads and helps create scenarios based on the maturity of your targets. Kaspr is a revolutionary tool that also gives you the ability to automatically send invitations and personalized messages on LinkedIn.

Check the features of a leadgen tool

The flexibility of a tool is an important criterion when choosing a lead generation software. Ideally, you should find the software that offers customizable features and options. These offer you the possibility to filter your searches in order to get qualified leads. This will provide you with promising contacts who may be interested in your products or services.

Features are useful options that should never be overlooked when choosing an automation tool. Only software that meets your company’s needs can contribute to the success of your lead generation campaign. Opt for a tool that facilitates :

  • the development of a solid database ;
  • identifying qualified leads in real time;
  • targeting visitors who are likely to be interested in your offers;
  • automate several lead generation processes.

These features contribute to the success of all stages of sales prospecting in order to ensure the acquisition of new customers.

Choose a tool that is compatible with different applications

Finding a software with multiple functionalities contributes to the success of a sales prospecting strategy. However, this is not enough to ensure the effectiveness of a tool. Considering the compatibility of the software with the applications used in your company is also an important criterion.

Kaspr offers you the possibility to easily integrate your list of qualified leads into your Costumer Relationship Management (CRM). It also forms a perfect duo with Captain Data. Ideally, you should choose a complete solution that can help you perform automatic reporting and tracking.

Compare the advantages and disadvantages of several tools

Each lead generation tool has its own advantages and disadvantages. That’s why it’s a good idea to compare different software before choosing one. Check out user reviews to help you find the best tool for your needs.

Nothing prevents you from asking a professional growth hacker for advice. He will be able to suggest a software that will help you acquire a large number of qualified leads in a short period of time.

Choose tools that offer a free trial period. This is an important criterion to check the functionality of a software. Some tools seem to be very complete, but do not allow you to reach your business objectives. Take the time to compare several software to identify the one that helps you better organize your lead generation campaign.

Choose a paid tool to benefit from multiple advantages

You can find several free lead generation tools on the market. However, these “open source” software have very limited functionality, unlike paid tools. Generally, the latter are both comprehensive and scalable.

Users of licensed software are able to install it directly on their network. Large B2B companies often prefer to use SaaS tools. This type of software is more cost-effective as it accompanies you through all the stages of lead generation.

Things to remember when choosing a lead generation tool

Finding the right lead generation tool is not always easy. That’s why it’s important to consider several parameters before buying one. Your choice should be based on your company’s objectives. Avoid opting for a complex software in order to facilitate the task of your marketing team. Ideally, you should choose a tool that can automate multiple lead generation processes, such as Kaspr, which is effective in acquiring quality leads quickly and helps you convert them into real customers.

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