8 Warning Signs That Your Computer Has a Virus

8 Warning Signs That Your Computer Has a Virus

If you’re familiar with computers, you probably know the effects of viruses on the device. A virus can damage your computer entirely and put your data at risk. That’s why it’s crucial to protect your computer against viruses or remove it at the earliest stage before any severe damage. There are various types of computer viruses with different symptoms. The following are symptoms of a computer virus to help you on the lookout.

1- Unknown Pop-ups

When you see random pop-ups or messages showing on your screen, especially when you aren’t running any program, your device could be having a virus attack. Such pop-ups come in error alerts, adverts, or even random pictures. Some viruses can change your computer wallpaper and other settings without your permission. Watch out!

2- Computer Slowdown

Have you noticed a sudden slowdown of your computer? It could be a result of malware. Any computer virus can make your device boot up slowly and slow down the entire operating system. If you’re keen enough, you’ll discover slow processing or transfer of data, files, or the internet. Consider involving an expert early enough when you notice such changes on your computer to avoid further damages.

3- Unknown Sites

Have you noticed a redirection to an unknown site whenever you do a Google search on your computer? If you’re directed to a different browser, your computer could be under attack or already infected. The redirection of traffic could result from the installation of unknown software. Most of these software hides as an extension of a web browser. A straightforward clearance of cache or uninstallation of extensions can resolve the problem.

4- Increased Internet Traffic

Malware can utilize your bandwidth to download unknown files, data, and even software to your device without your permission. Consider checking your security programs, especially when you notice a surge in internet traffic, to detect any unwanted files. Consider scanning the routing of your connection and traffic to identify the problem.

5- Check the Modem Lights

Have you noticed the blinking of your modem lights to show that you’ve got programs running? This sign could be a virus’s ongoing data transfer over your network. Consider scanning your computer for viruses in case of such concerns.

6- Access to the Firewall Grant

This error is a typical computer virus infection symptom. You’ll notice constant messages piping in asking you to allow specific program access to your firewall. Most of these messages come from infected programs trying to send information via your router.

7- Strange Security Programs

Always be keen to notice any foreign security program on your device that you’ve never installed. When you click certain links to accept their terms, you may install viruses in the form of an unknown security program.

8- Screen of Death

As the name suggests, the blue screen of death means your computer is dead. You can mostly see this when you ignore other signs of computer viruses hence crushing your machine. Engaging a computer repair expert is the best option if you have such a case.

If you notice these signs of computer viruses, take immediate action to stop them. Don’t ignore any signs of computer viruses! If you allow a virus to stay longer in your computer, it may cause permanent damage in the long run. Consider working with IT experts who can check your device to help you keep them from viral attacks.

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