Jurgen Cautreels: How I Learned Essential Digital Marketing Skills

Jurgen Cautreels' Digital Marketing Skills

Digital marketing in the modern world is one of the most crucial skills for a business or individual to learn. Someone can have the best product on the market, but no one will learn about it if they don’t know how to advertise that product. Especially in the digital age, we live in, knowing how to navigate the digital marketing world is the key to success. 

Jurgen Cautreels is a professional marketer with years of experience. He is a trusted consultant and excels at crafting digital marketing strategies for businesses of all sizes. Jurgen Cautreels agreed to give us a rundown of how he mastered digital marketing, and we’re going to share his story with you. 

Run a Blog

Jurgen Cautreels started off with blogs and still creates blogs to this day. He says blogging is a fantastic way to learn how the internet works in marketing. 

You are learning about SEOs, studying SERPS, transitioning clicks into money, etc. So, if you’re an individual, then try starting a blog or interning for a blog and learning how it works. If you’re a business, consider adding a blog to your website. Once your blog is established, learn how back links work and how you can rise in the SERPS, visit https://linkflow.ai/homepage/white-label-link-building/ for more information.


This may seem obvious, but there’s more to Jurgen Cautreels’ advice than just reading books. He suggests reading only recently released books for digital marketing. This is important to avoid implementing outdated digital marketing practices.

Since digital marketing constantly evolves, reading old books may give outdated information. However, there are traditional marketing books that can be read to understand marketing in general. 

Since these are not technology-specific, they can be applied with a bit of thought and nuance to the modern world.

Paid Courses

Many paid courses can teach digital marketing. Jurgen Cautreels says that he’s taken a few of these and that the quality of the courses can vary widely. He gave some advice for choosing a good course. 

Look at who the course is from and what their credentials are. See when the course was actually made. And finally, make sure that you can see a preview of the course to know exactly what you will learn. 


Now that you have some foundations look for an internship. Once you make it to this step, you’re almost through the door. 

Internships can net you real-world experience and get you familiar with real processes. Interning can also give you a lot of good lines to add to your resume, which will help you net a few jobs later on in your career. 


And finally, Jurgen Cautreels recommends that everyone try their hand at freelancing. There are some significant benefits to freelancing. 

You’ll make your own schedule, be your own boss, will be able to work from home if you want, etc. On top of all of this, though, it will show you where your weak spots are, and you will need to fix those weak spots. 

At a marketing agency, there will be someone there to cover your weak points, and you’ll never get the chance to patch them up yourself. After freelancing, you can determine whether you prefer working for yourself or at an agency. The important part is that you gave it a shot so that you’ll know for sure. 


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