4 Times You Need to Use Rebar and Concrete Scanning

4 Times You Need to Use Rebar and Concrete Scanning

There are different circumstances where you need to use rebar and concrete scanning, and they don’t always involve a construction project. You’ll enjoy various benefits when it comes to inspection services, as well as safety. Rebar and concrete scanning is a service that uses the latest technology to check the properties of different materials. It relies on electromagnetic waves to detect any anomaly, then records them for further analysis.

4 Common Scenarios Needing Rebar and Concrete Scanning

1. Rebar and Concrete Scanning for Property Damage

Suppose you suspect that the property damage in your house is due to termite infestation, water leaks, or any other reason that would warrant the use of professional service. In that case, you can use rebar and concrete scanning.

2. Rebar and Concrete Scanning for Pavement Analysis

If there are potholes in your street, then the cause should be investigated immediately before they do any further damage to vehicles or pedestrians. Pavement analysis is one of the many services that rebar and concrete scanning offer, and it will provide you with a report once the service is complete.

3. Rebar and Concrete Scanning for Structural Analysis

If there’s any damage to your property’s foundation or load-bearing walls, it might be time to talk with an expert. Rebar and concrete scanning will assess the damage by sending the appropriate data to the company, and they will provide you with a report based on their findings.

4. Rebar and Concrete Scanning for Storm Damage

When storms inflict property damage, rebar and concrete scanning should be used immediately to prevent further damage. You can send them the data via email, then wait for their report before you take any other action.

Benefits of Rebar and Concrete Scanning

1. Finding Anomalies

During rebar and concrete scanning, any anomaly in the structure can be detected immediately before it gets worse due to gravity or temperature changes. You’ll know exactly where the problem is once you get the results.

2. Preventing Further Damage

Once you’ve noted where the problem is, you can immediately take measures to fix or replace any compromised materials before it does more damage. You’ll also be able to check if the problem has recurred after some time so you can take preventative measures in advance.

3. Fast Results

The rebar and concrete scanning results are sent to you fast so you can immediately take action once the problem has been pinpointed. There’s no need to wait for days or even weeks before receiving a report, as it usually takes just a few hours at most.

4. Staying Safe

Whether it’s storm damage from a hurricane or just minor cracks in the pavement, you can stay safe by using rebar and concrete scanning services. You’ll immediately know where the problem is once you get the results, allowing you to take immediate action before anything horrible happens.

5. Using the Latest Technology

The latest technology is used in rebar and concrete scanning to detect any anomaly that might cause damage. The results are sent to you fast, allowing you to take action immediately against property damage due to storms or other external factors.

In a nutshell, rebar and concrete scanning are valuable inspection services that require expertise to get the most out of them. It may be expensive in some cases, but the benefits might outweigh the costs when used correctly.

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